Summary Inverell Forum 2001 - March 23-26
By Lindsay Johnson 

Subject & Speaker Listing

Port Arthur (Deceit & Terrorism) - Wendy Scurr & Andrew MacGregor   
 The disruption of patriotic organizations - Dr. Jim Saleam

 What will our children inherit - Dr. Liz Elliot

Can National Sovereignty Survive - Antonia Feitz

 Illiteracy in Australia-a Phenomenon or Plan - Lance Box

The Truths & Myths - Privatisation - Selwyn Johnston
Low interest loans to farmers - Graham Barrett-Lennard
Tactics-Learning from the past to save time in the future - Tony Pitt
What have they done to our food - Susan Bryce
Finance and freedom - Jeremy Lee
What does Council have to Hide - Ken McFadzen
Sent to Jail for nothing more than telling the Truth - Raymond Hoser
Decline & Fall of the White Race - Geoff Muirden

Continuing Gun Law Saga in the Courts - Martin Essenberg 
 Getting Politicians to listen - Joe Bryant
Colloidal Silver - Ted Patterson
Moribund Medicine - Dr. Pat O’Neil



Port Arthur (Deceit & Terrorism) - Wendy Scurr & Andrew MacGregor  

Wendy had considerable difficulty convincing police of the disaster at Port Arthur over the telephone. She was the first staff member to enter the Broad Arrow café after the shooting. She has been a member of the St John Ambulance brigade for 20 years and worked as a tour guide at Port Arthur. This Forum was the first time she had spoken about her Port Arthur experience publicly. 

The first police arrived at the scene at 4.25 pm to collect names and addresses. One police officer was dropped off to handle 400 people, 32 dead bodies and 19 injured. He was not armed. At 5.30 Survivors were taken to the CEO’s office. Senior staff had been sent to the East coast at 11am that morning for a training event. (The first time ever)

 At 6.30 there was a warning from police at the hotel that the CEO had again heard shots. There were no ambulances to help survivors at the hotel because they were at the Broad Arrow café trying to look after the crime scene.

 At 7.30 police arrived heavily armed. Trauma councillors from Hobart arrived and treated everyone like children. They had no compassion at all. Men from the Coroner’s Office had to be counselled, as they could not handle what they had seen.

 At 1am Wendy’s day ended. She had cuts on her feet and blood and body material all over her. She showered and showered to try to get clean.

 Since the disaster, visitor survivors have not heard from any officials of Tasmania.

 After the massacre, people asked for critical incident stress debrief but it was refused. They are usually only done for emergency services. The 35 staff have never been allowed to get together after the incident. After that day Wendy could not even boil water. Her husband had to leave his work and stay home with her for two and a half years.

 The Department of Public Prosecutions met with staff on several occasions. They asked questions and got answers, but Wendy feels that staff were always in a controlled situation and were being brain washed. She is if the opinion that she doesn’t know if Martin Bryant shot people or not, but “he certainly did not do it on his own; he certainly had help to arrange it all.”

 The politicians have not helped Wendy at all and often don’t even answer letters. As far as she is concerned, “Silence is the voice of complicity.” Something is very wrong with Port Arthur, sinister even. It is so bad that politicians are just shut up. “Many we talked to were going to help us, but nothing came of it.” As for the Port Arthur staff, Wendy has no knowledge of any damages paid. The medical condition PTSD was legislated against in November 1995 as a convincible injury. How convenient.

 Wendy was looked after well under workers Compensation and was denied little until she asked for damages.

 “Recently I read a witness statement by Mr Jim Haycock. He stated a police officer arrived on the scene outside the site. He had seen the girl who was shot in the BMW and the tollbooth and he was there 3 minutes after, and he had been our local cop for 12 years. He knew most of the guides and he drove away. We have never heard anything about him as far as the Port Arthur incident goes.”

 Wendy had taught him a number of times in her first aid courses. Wendy admitted she and others are still undergoing psychiatric treatment. She fears the powers that be will use that medical history to belittle her evidence. She made the point that she has tried to commit suicide to get away from the memories. She has had shock treatment but states, “I am not mad; I am just sad!”

 She and her associates contacted every politician in Australia. A lot did not answer. Some who did answer promised to do something. When we followed up, we did not get a reply.

 Wendy was interviewed by police, but when she got to the topic of the Broad Arrow Café, they did not want to know anymore. They did not want her in court if there had been a trial.

 Andrew is a former Victorian policeman for 17 years. According to him the shooting inside the Broad Arrow Café lasted approximately five minutes. There were in excess of 41 shots fired inside the Cafe. This is from survivors inside and outside the Café.

 They are

  1. Wendy
  2. Major Sandra Van der Peer. - Shooting lasted approximately 5 minutes. Shooting recontinued after gunman reloaded inside gift shop area.
  3. Graham Collier ex-RAF fitter watched gunman walk around Café shooting people for approximately 41/2 minutes as he lay on the floor nearly drowning in his own blood.
  4. Outside near the Information centre, 2 Vietnam veterans John Godfrey and Peter Stainthorpe contested the 90 seconds to 2 minutes time.

Martin Bryant could have accomplished the task in the time available, but there are many clues that state it was not Martin Bryant.

 Public Prosecutor Mr Bugg states only 29 shots were fired inside the Café. Ballistics Police officer, Dutton states 35 cartridge cases were recovered inside the Cafe and the crime scene was not secured until dark. Some were probably souvenired. There were at least 41 shots using witness statements and the court documents.

 There was a government cover-up over the locked exit door.

 Constable Chris Isles of Sorelle had been a policeman for 12 years and had been transferred to Sorelle for 6 months.

 There was a dark headed naked female reported at Seascape. There were 2 gunmen at Seascape. Evidence suggests one weapon had a bullet explode in the breach. No such explosion was recorded even though the various sized bullets could be identified when being fired. Witness evidence stated that a policeman and not Bryant initiated the fires in Seascape and the Volvo.  Helicopter pilots are usually scarce on a Sunday. On this day there were 3 available. There was a 22 bed hearse on duty. It was the only one in Australia. The Hobart Hospital could call on the services of 25 trauma specialist doctors from all over Australia who had just completed a seminar on midday that Sunday and whose last lecture had been in relation to a terrorist attack.

 A seminar was the first ever to be held for the top 10 personnel from Port Arthur Historic Site to be held on 28th and 29th April 1996. It never occurred.

 Roland Brown of the gun control lobby was at the police information centre before the first journalists arrived.

 Professor Mullen who interviewed Martin Bryant after the event gave the only psychiatric report to the court. He also gave a judges’ warning to Martin Bryant before the interview. Was this a psychiatric interview of a police interview?

 Bryant’s lawyer, John Avery, had already represented Terry Hill, gun dealer, who supposedly supplied Martin Bryant with the firearms. This is surely a conflict of interest.

 The authorities have been caught out telling lies. According to Andrew, “The number one thing I learnt in the police force; you do not believe a person who tells you lies.”

 We cannot believe anything we are told by the DPP, media, courts, psychiatrists or politicians in relation to Port Arthur.

 In conclusion it may be of interest to quote Tim Fischer addressing a group of professional shooters in Alice Springs, May 1996.

 “If we don’t get it right this time, the next time there is a massacre, and there will be, then they’ll take all our guns off us.”

 The guns are still out there and we have had no more massacres because the legislation has been passed. Can we expect another massacre with a handgun when the time comes to introduce legislation to completely remove them from Australia?

 The other question is, who are “they” to whom Tim refers? He was deputy Prime Minister. Is he saying some “they” other than the elected representatives of Australia are ultimately dictating what legislation will be passed into law in Australia?



 The disruption of patriotic organizations   Dr. Jim Saleam  

 Nazi groups are not associated with the patriotic movement.

 Jim set out the history of infiltration and black ops by Commonwealth intelligence groups, state special police groups and sometimes, corrupt police, to infiltrate and discredit, and even discredit and imprison, left Trotskyite and right patriotic groups.

 The neo-Nazis are in fact not extremists as labelled by One Nation in 1998. They are not extremist. An extremist can be a person who can in fact be quite correct in his beliefs. He could have thought through his beliefs more methodically than us or takes his beliefs to some conclusion to which we would not consider going.

 The neo-Nazis don’t deserve the label extremist because they are not extremists. It seems we are dealing with people who are in one way or another suffering from mental illness and are led by politically degenerate persons, a bizarre clique of leaders and individuals who play some game with security services in which they are the tools. We cannot negotiate with them. We will never get away from them. We can’t prevent them being used by media as provocation. We must try to identify them and isolate them and just hold our ground as best we can in the faith that in the end our patriotic organizations will eventually triumph.



 What will our children inherit - Dr. Liz Elliot

Liz is a GP from Queenscliff who has just published a book called “Energy”

 Kim Beazley has his roots in Rhodes scholarship and the IMF. The left and right of Australian politics are coming together. They are going from light green (tree huggers) to dark green (financial control).  The resultant debt is driving ecocide. 

Consumption is pushed by alienation in the West. 20% of the population consume 80% of the world’s resources. Children are being educated to consume. The end result of our debt system is that 50% of every cost is interest. If we can localize production that will at least save on transport costs. 

98% of today’s growth is in derivatives. This makes a mockery of true work and industry. We must also protect farmers in the 3rd world to prevent them competing with our industry at sweatshop wages or in the push for illegal immigration to Australia.

 There are 13 million tonnes of chemical going into the world’s environment every day. There 1000 new chemicals every year into the USA and only 25 are tested. Europe is moving towards organic farming with 30% increase per year. Direct farmer markets went from 5 to 250 in one year in Britain.

 The Gats agreement is for all services, including police, water, and environment, to be internationally tendered by every country.

 In summary, globalisation is against the future, culture and nature.



Can National Sovereignty Survive - Antonia Feitz 

Sovereignty  is a bit like pregnancy. Just as a woman is pregnant or not, a nation is sovereign or not. National sovereignty is under attack from two sources today: UN treaties and globalisation.

 The United Nations was established as a forum for the sovereign nations of the world to work towards peace. The US only joined after it was assured there was no possibility of the UN encroaching on its sovereignty. But using the Fabian principle of gradualism - and consequently exposing the UN’s socialist roots - the UN transformed itself from being a forum of sovereign nations into a supre-national government. In doing so it’s playing a role it was never meant to have – at least as far as the world’s people are concerned.

 Despite political setbacks, Howard’s response has been full speed ahead with “reforms” exporting Australian manufacturing jobs, forcing family farmers off the land, deskilling the labour market, cutting wages and conditions and reducing services to regions. Unfortunately, despite their anger as expressed in the ballot box, not enough people yet understand that John Howard’s Government - like those of Paul Keating and Bob Hawke before him - is not in command. Australian governments don’t govern this country any more. They just administer it on behalf of the IMF. That’s no conspiracy theory; it’s openly admitted by a range of reputable people including Jerry Jordan who heads the US Federal Reserve at Cleveland.

 Don Argus of BHP, Brambles and Southcorp pointed out that governments are unfairly held accountable for things beyond their control - such as the national economy. True!

 Clearly governing is passé, and managing the people’s discontent while unrestrained markets and multinationals wreak social and economic havoc is in. But why? Why have our political parties betrayed us? 

When Howard and Costello trumpet that Australia is enjoying record prosperity that rivals that of the golden fifties, people shake their heads in disbelief: where is it?

 The winners promoting globalisation parrot the nonsense that it is inevitable – just like tides, or sunsets. That claim is a lie.

 The Melbourne Age also described the past twenty odd years of Australian politics as “a democratic experiment in elite bipartisanship”. In pain English that means a One Party State. Globalisation is not just about trade. Globalisation is profoundly anti-democratic and it is destroying national sovereignty under the guise of trading blocs.

 Governments who deliberately act so as to limit domestic policy flexibility are ceding national sovereignty. Doing it without the consent of the people is nothing less than treason. The only reason Australians are unaware that they are being locked into Asia is because the topic is off limits and the major parties are - as usual - bipartisan.

 King O’Malley and labour Prime Minister Andrew Fisher created the Commonwealth Bank in an environment that was similar to now. And it worked, even though the financial establishment didn’t look kindly on this colonial upstart, because of the threat it posed to the private banks.

 Britain illustrates what’s in store for us if we go any further down the enmeshment with Asia path. Her loss of sovereignty is perhaps terminal unless the English manage to rouse themselves. The most cursory glance reveals the main institutions of the EU are profoundly anti-democratic, and recent proposals will make them more so.

1.      The Council of Ministers is backed by a powerful Committee of Permanent Representatives who are appointed civil servants.

2.      The sole body to initiate legislation in the EU is the European Commission. It meets behind closed doors and has 20 appointed members, 1 or 2 per member state.

3.      Then we have the joke called the European Parliament. It has 626 elected members. It can’t initiate legislation. It has no control of the money supply or taxation.

4.      The real power is held by the European Central Bank. It meets behind closed doors and members of the Executive Board are appointed from the private banks by heads of governments after consultation with the Council of Ministers and the lame duck parliament. National central banks must act in accordance with the European Central Bank’s instructions.

5.      The European Court of Justice interprets the rules of the treaties and all the legislative acts, regulations and directives made under them. It is a political court whose decisions are designed to further European integration. It can fine states, companies and even individuals.

 It is not a pretty picture for people who cherish freedom. It’s a socialist hell! Soon England will effectively be no more. Instead, its 12 regions will be governed from Brussels. Britain’s traditional freedoms are being swept away like rubbish down a drain. Criticism of the EU and its policies is not only blasphemy; it will eventually be unlawful under Article 51 of the proposed EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. 

So that is where we stand. Pretty grim, but there are many people fighting, though the mainstream media give them no coverage. 

“A population under siege and perpetually on defence is doomed to ultimate subjection. Somewhere, somehow, Americans, (and Australians) victims of unending social, economic, political and media attack, must counter-attack.” 

The time for writing letters to MP’s has long passed!



 Illiteracy in Australia-a Phenomenon or Plan - Lance Box

 After having completed their degree, teachers today do not know how to teach reading. The definition of literate is “able to read and write”. This is a contentious definition of literacy. Another contemporary definition of literacy is “Literacy is the ability to use a computer, a video machine and other technologies to access information on the internet, to espouse the virtues of gender equity, indigenous equity, gay and lesbian rights, sustainable environmental practices, multiculturalism and any other politically correct agendas, irrespective of the person’s ability to read and write in the traditional sense of the word.”

 Chinese is a pictographic language. The characters have the same meaning for all dialects. It takes a lifetime to learn all the characters. In contrast, English is a phonographic language. In English there are 42 sounds, 80 symbols and 26 letters. This is not a lot to learn in comparison with thousands of Chinese symbols.

 When we teach English, a phonographic language, as if it were a pictographic language, you impose a system upon a language that doesn’t match. This creates in children a disorder known as cognitive dissonance. (Mental confusion) The resulting dyslexia is a reversal in which the letters are back to front. 

In modern teaching, children are instructed that they bring their authority and interpretation to the text irrespective of what the text says. In reality we are not to tamper with the text until we have deciphered what it says to us. This should be a truism that does not even need to be stated.

 The method of pictographic association with words was developed for handicapped children. It has now been extrapolated for use with healthy children. These methods were adopted by Horace Mann in the 1830’s. Once tested in the Boston district, it was rejected as unsuccessful. It was then picked up by humanists such as Dewey, Scott, Russell etc and imposed upon us.



The Truths & Myths - Privatisation - Selwyn Johnston 

 Selwyn has just completed a tour of Queensland with some members of RAMS from Western Australia, Ken May, Graham Barrett-Lennard and Michael Grey of the Debit Tax Association. The purpose of the tour was to tell the people of Queensland about the same things we talk about at this forum.

 They were received well. At Mareeba there was a meeting of 400. Many politicians and news media were present.

 Rural Action Movement of Queensland is for Queenslanders to form a non-aligned independent, united, political lobby group to represent Queenslanders.

 Questions that were put to those at these meeting are:

1.      Have you had a gutful yet?

2.      Are you hurting enough to do something about it?

 Most people answer, “yes”.

 Privatisation of Australia’s water resources is proceeding under Agenda 21. Ros Kelly signed it in 1992. Every year Australia puts in a report to the UN on Australia’s implementation.

 Monsanto is not only taking over seed supplies and biotech supplies, it is after our water as well. Water is part of the food chain.

 During the tour they came across a new farming venture at Emerald. A 24 year old Chinese Philippino tried to buy a farm “2PH” for $30 million. It grows citrus among other things. They declined the offer on the 18.5 thousand hectares. 2PH is on the spillway of Fairburn dam. The dam is 3.5 times the size of Sydney Harbour and is always full.

 He bought a cattle stud on the other side of the spillway. He bought it and is spending $150 million on it. It is called Evergreen Farms. It has 70 workers and 50-60 contractors. They have purchased 400, three wheeler bikes to bring in the produce to the 2.5-hectare packing shed.

 Pickers - 350-400 Vietnamese or Philippinos are to come here for 6 months each, legally. Their wages are $5 per day to be paid at home. They get only food and lodging here.

 Howard gave us back 1.5 cents discount on fuel. That was 17 mls. There were 2 –35000 and 40000 tonne ships landing diesel into non-oil company multinational storage tanks, landed in Australia for between 10-14 c per litre. From all the politicians contacted there were only two replies. They wanted more information.

 “Hasdula” and “Simunyi” are the vessels. Weipa and Gladstone are the ports and they are coming from Singapore.

 Australia must repeal the International Tax Act of 1953.



Low interest loans to farmers - Graham Barrett-Lennard

 The Rural Action Movement of Western Australia embarked on a superannuation fund called the Rural Capital Fund. This involves the rural areas putting their funds for superannuation and employee superannuation, voluntary and compulsory, into a fund to rebuild rural industries, farming and small business in rural areas. Each state will have its own fund so that if one goes under for any reason, it will not drag all the state funds under. Already 9-10 billion dollars have been lost in the superannuation industry, as we know it today, through bad investments. The prospectus is to be issued mid year 2001.



 Tactics-Learning from the past to save time in the future - Tony Pitt  

 Australia has gone from the highest standard of living to the 23rd or 24th in the world.

 We have been reduced to cottage industry. Shell’s $10 billion bid for Woodside petroleum had caused the $A to fall to 49c US. This was the international version of a stickup. Who is threatening us? International finance! 

The solution is to inform everyone about the fractional reserve system of money creation by using a particular video on the subject.

  The French resistance was based on an 8-man cell system. We must consider using this system. We cannot allow ourselves to be infiltrated as One Nation and the Democrats were. We must accept executive positions in our organizations and not let others, infiltrators, take those jobs. There is no benefit of registration of a political party. The only benefit is initials against the candidate’s name on the ballot paper. Political parties don’t need to register. The CAP party was a good example of individuals infiltrating a party and stealing computers and records and party funds from bank accounts with police not wishing to investigate this matter. 

We need to form an informal “alliance” to attract votes and name ourselves “alliance”-One Nation, “alliance” Democrat, etc, and exchange preferences strictly.



What have they done to our food - Susan Bryce  

 Food is the lynchpin, which affects our future freedom and survival. Most of us are dependant on supermarkets for our food. We rely on overseas producers for much of our food. Backyard farming is almost non-existent because of urbanisation. The price of food can only go up in price while in the hands of the multinationals, while food nutrition is decreasing.

 Agriculture is dependant on oil as fuel, fertilizer and chemicals. 2/3 of cropland is now ploughed by tractors. If fertilizer and irrigation were to stop tomorrow, corn production per acre would be down from 130 to 30 bushels. We are using 26 billion barrels of oil per year now but new discoveries are only 6 billion barrels per year. There is expected to be an oil crisis by 2010 with a slow decline thereafter.

 Action is needed. BP will be known as Beyond Petroleum. Shell is moving in the same direction. By 2020 renewable energy will supply 50% of energy needs. Shell is moving into hydrogen. Look at the websites - all are going to renewable energy. Ford has announced that by 1004 it will have a hydrogen cell car. Prices for energy will skyrocket to pay for this new technology.

 If oil is running out so will fertilizer and chemicals. To replace this they will increase yields using genetic engineering. Problems are likely to be cancer, resistance to antibiotic and super weeds, etc.

 Water: Transnational Corporations are making water a commodity. Prices are set to go up. There is a World Water Commission with members from Nestle and Unilever, Rockefeller Foundation, Earth Council, Gorbachov, Population Council, and World Bank. This is an un-elected commission. Already there has been a Federal Government press release that country towns and food are to be reduced and major new taxes are envisaged to pay for turning water into a commodity.

 Irradiation sterilizes food. A mandarin lasted for 7 months. Meat lasts for 21 days in the fridge. The molecular structure breaks down and forms free radicals. Some carcinogens are produced and vitamins A, D, K and E are reduced. Australia is going along with this, at first radiating herbs and then other foods. Radiated meat smells like a wet dog and milk like burnt wool. Imported food could already be irradiated, as there are no testing facilities in Australia. EFPOS and digital Television will enable Internet purchasing of food without leaving the home.

Biometrics is humans reduced to codes and numbers. This will involve fingerprints and iris scanning. It will replace cards and ID numbers. This technology is already in force overseas at banks and sporting events.



Finance and freedom - Jeremy Lee 

" Parties divide, issues unite."

 There is a movement among the youth to learn about their history. This is evidenced by the throngs to the Gallipoli Peninsular. Dick Smith spoke at a rally in Brisbane to 2500, mostly young listeners. He told them that by 2005 there will be 8 retail giants operating the whole world. That is not just food but everything from food to aircraft, unless we stop it.

 Mao Tse Tung said, “We must create the sea in which we swim.” We must learn from this.

 No independents will accomplish anything in federal parliament because it is a foreign “sea”. We have for too long pushed one party or another in the belief if they get in they will be able to fix things. It can’t be done. The change will happen outside parliament. To happen, the people will need to understand their cultural and economic history. At most .5% understand this today. Most of the population don’t have this basic knowledge. For them the message must be kept simple. “We are losing our country”, “Foreigners are taking over”, “This means you will lose your job”, “This means your kids aren’t going to have a future”.

 King O’Malley was the force behind the Commonwealth Bank formed in 1911 and opened in 1913. It started with ten thousand pounds. It financed Australia’s involvement in the First World War. Britain is still paying for that war. The Commonwealth Bank made 20 million pounds during the war lending at an interest rate of five eights of one percent. (5/8%)

 Anything for which there are materials and expertise should be possible financially. The five-pound note then came off a printing press as it does today. The only question is whether the printing press is inside Australia or outside Australia. If it is inside, we are the masters of our own destiny. “The borrower is the servant of the lender.”

 As the depression of 1929 broke, the Bank of England sent 2 emissaries to Australia to say to us, you pay your debts before you feed your people. Produce more, tighten your belts, work harder and export more. Today people are still telling us that growth is the key to our future. Export everything; it doesn’t matter if the people of Australia go hungry. That message is going to every nation. It cannot work.

 How can we export, get their money to pay our debts without making their debts worse. And they are trying to do the same to us. So trade wars are the beginning of military wars. The world is supposedly running a trade deficit with itself of 100 billion dollars every twelve months.

 At the 1934 Election, John Curtin said, “The main purpose of securing national control of banking and credit is to utilise the credit of the nation for the benefit of the people. Why should Governments pay heavy interest charges to private banks for the right to operate on credits, which belong to the whole community? Bank advances to Governments or private individuals are secured by public or private assets. Banks merely liquefy these assets and charge high interest rates as though it was the bank’s own money or credit, which they were advancing…. The year 1930-31 was the most disastrous year financially in the history of the world. In Australia and elsewhere the financial position of Governments and private enterprise was so acute that a general collapse was only narrowly averted. In that year private banks called in overdrafts, raised the rate of interest, and enjoyed substantial profits by taking heavy toll of Governments and industry. At the same time they used the financial difficulties of Governments in order to dictate the Government policy….”

 In that era, 250 groups met in Sydney every Wednesday night to discuss banking and money and credit and Douglas’ theories and why people were starving amid bread in abundance everywhere.

 We are going to see this again. The people of this forum are going to be called upon to lead these groups. They are going to be the teachers; they are going to need to know so well the alternatives, so they can help their fellow Australians with hitherto hidden knowledge.

 We can’t just say why aren’t the young kids not here. We have to know why they are not here; we have to know how to get out and find them.

 The chief economist of the Commonwealth Government addressed a meeting in Melbourne on the answer to the depression. His answer was tighten our belts, produce more and export it. A farmer from North East Victoria spoke during question time. He said, according to your theory, if we increase our exports 10% and decrease our imports 10% things are going to be better. “Yes”. If we increased our exports by 20% and decreased our imports by 20% it would be better still. “Yes”. Now suppose we export every damn thing we have, and import nothing; presumably we have reached the Promised Land? Sir Douglas saw that he had been led into a trap and sat down and the whole audience booed him out of the hall.

But that is what they are still telling us today.

Professor Carroll Quigley produced a book in the 60’s called Tragedy and Hope –The history of the world in our time. He claimed that he had been granted permission to examine the private papers of the international bankers in which he saw that they have a plan for world government using the money system, producing all the power in their own hands using one unit of currency throughout the whole world. He thought there was great merit in the idea and felt it a pity they try to keep it secret.

These same bankers came out to Sydney in 1996 to the biggest international monetary conference. They prepared their conditions for bankrolling Australia in the morning and at lunchtime brought John Howard in to stand in front of them like a schoolboy. They wanted privatisation, reduce the public service, tax reform (GST), refrain from using our own money system and no budget deficits. John Howard accepted their conditions. At that moment he not only sold his own soul but he sold Australia out as well.

Any force for change must be spiritual and historical. It must link our young people to the past.

The best thing we can do to win this war for Australia is buy Australian. If we spend $50 per week for Australian made products, we will knock $20 billion off our foreign debt. There were a million copies of the Ausby guide produced last issue. There are a lot of people interested in this fight. We have Suzie O’Neil and Dick Smith backing it.

We are going to send those multinationals back home with their tails between their legs with the message that we don’t need their stinking foreign money to run our land because we are going to do it ourselves. And if we really want to succeed we will ask God to help us.

What Australia needs are international economic sanctions. We would suddenly discover we can do everything ourselves. That happened to Rhodesia, a little country in Africa. They made all the spare parts for their aircraft, clothes, cosmetics and food.



What does Council have to Hide - Ken McFadzen

 We ran three candidates for local council in Nebo and just failed to have one elected. Before public meetings called by council, we plastered everywhere with stickers that read, “What does Council have to hide.”

 When the State Minister Mackenroth attended to open our water tower the council had a blitz to remove all the stickers. They missed one at the back of the water tower and that caused a fuss. Even when we do not put up stickers, they feel obliged to send out a crew to check. When they are not expecting it, that is when a new lot of stickers go up. We find that wearing T-shirts with slogans written on them to council meetings also upsets them. It must be driving them crazy. All we want is for them to represent us.

 After all this stirring, Ken found out under Freedom Of Information that the new sewerage system will be placed just in front of Ken’s home. Ken and family live on a 100-acre block. Ken is not deterred. When he was young, his mother warned him what happens to little boys who play with manure; we always get some on us.



Sent to Jail for nothing more than telling the Truth - Raymond Hoser 

 Ray is now famous for his “Banned” books about the National Parks and Wildlife Service. He classifies himself as primarily a zoologist, then a taxi driver, and then a corruption author.

 He has been jailed, and in an attempt to put him out of action he had his taxi licence revoked. This forced him to sell his books door to door to survive. This was the best thing the authorities could have done. It gave him more money for every book sold and distributed the books more widely than if they had been sold through the bookstores.

 Smuggled 1 & 2 were published in 1996 as a result of ICAC refusing to investigate the behaviour of the Parks and Wildlife Service. Smuggled 1 and 2 were mainly about NSW and Qld. Ray has won all defamation cases. He believes that by targeting marginal electorates with his books on political and police corruption, he forced Kennett to go to an early election and secondly he swayed enough people in at least one decisive marginal electorate to toss Kennett out. It was in August 1999 that Victorian Police Corruption 1 and 2 were published, in spite of continual harassment by both police and politicians. He says he has had so many computers confiscated by police he is now an expert at buying cheap computer parts and building his own computers. Perhaps we should have added that to his list of titles and accomplishments.

 Chapter 45 from the book Victoria Police Corruption II is available on Ray’s web site, www.smuggled.com. This is highly recommended reading for anyone anticipating taking on any government authority. It is not nice. But as Ray said, he did not make the rules, he can only tell you how he won. The rest is up to you. Forewarned of what to expect at each new step will make you forearmed.



Decline & Fall of the White Race - Geoff Muirden

 Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome were the forerunners of today. They were strong while they were homogonous, i.e. mostly of one race. They began to decline when they began to admit and become dominated by alien races and cultures. Conflict between groups and mongrelisation led to the decline of the race.

 Today this is a global pattern promoted by globalist's. Whites are to become a minority in the USA between 2055 and 2060, according to the US Census Bureau.

 Whites will be a minority in London by 2010 and a black majority in the UK by 2100.

 In Australia, whites will be a minority between 2050 and 2100.

 If Indians were predicted to be a minority in India, everyone would call it genocide. With the white race it is a case of “None dare call it genocide”.

 It was suggested by a demographer for Britain that “The indigenous population voluntarily became a minority.” This is wrong. If the population gave consent to being swamped by alien races and religions so it could pose a threat to our Anglo- Saxon heritage, one would have reason to doubt their sanity. Then the above statement would be true. On the contrasty, these policies were forced upon them by alien interests just as has happened in the USA and Australia.

 Dr Mark Lopez- The Origins of Multiculturalism in Australian Politics 1945-75 Melbourne University Press 2000, says, Multiculturalism in Australia didn’t come about by lobbying on the part of various migrant groups. It came about by a small minority of people.

In none of these countries were the grass roots given a chance to determine the sort of immigration they wanted.

The expansion of white civilisation can be traced to Japan, China, India, Iran, Palestine, America, the Nile and Euphrates as well as Europe. They can be traced by the burial cell and block. This type of engineering is not found among yellow or black races.

The Great civilizations of Egypt and India were white civilisations until they decayed as a result of race mixing.

A branch of the white race followed a route into northern China, Mongolia, Korea and Japan. Southern Siberia and northern Mongolia are covered by stone circles, barrows, burial places, skulls, iron and copper, which are of European origin. There are white Anu in Japan today. In 1994 some white, blond mummies about 4000 years old were discovered in China showing physical proof of white contribution to Chinese society.

The history of North and South America and Portugal all went the way of the earlier white civilizations and declined when mongrelised.

In a book published in 1912 by Israel Cohen, called a racial programme for the 20th Century, it says, “We will realize our party’s (communist party) most powerful weapon, racial tension. By pounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by the whites, we can mould them to the programme of the communist party. The terms Colonialism and Imperialism must be featured in our propaganda. In America we will aim for subtle victory while inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavour to instil in the whites the guilt complex for the exploitation of the Negro. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life. With this prestige the Negro will be able to intermarry with whites and begin a process that will liberate America to our cause.”

US Congressional record Vol 103 page 8559 June 7th 1957.

Negroes in America are 50 times more likely to commit violent crime towards whites than vice versa. Refer to The Colour of Crime- www.amren.com.color.pds.

Reports on these racial crime statistics are suppressed in the USA and Britain.

The Frankfurt School provided the foundation for political correctness. It began in the 1920” and was banned by Hitler. It moved to New York. They were intolerant of other points of view and concerned by failure of the proletariat to throw off capitalism as predicted by Marx.

They developed victim hood in which whites are the villains and others, Negroes, Asians, women, are the victims. When this school examined history, they saw that the repeated expulsion of Jews from one country after another was a result of cohesive populations and this cohesive behaviour by non-Jews was pathological while similar behaviour by Jews was ignored.

This continues in Australia where Issi Liebler was opposed to Multiculturalism in Israel but supported it in Australia. The basis for this attitude is obviously that goy culture must be destroyed but Jew culture preserved.

Kevin McDonald-Jewish Involvement in Shaping American Immigration Policy-1881-1965-a historical review states that the Jews were responsible for pressing for the opening up of immigration to Jews and other races. The elite want a mongrelised community with themselves still racially pure on top. The UN backs this to the hilt.

Part of the con is that whites are led to believe they are the only group who are racist. If racism is evil than other groups such as some in Asia are just as evil.

In response to this sustained attack:

  1.               We must not apologise for living. (No sorry day, etc.) This is in itself anti-white racism.

  2.                Recognise the origins of political correctness is in new Marxism.

  3.           Just as whites should not intermarry with other races; so other races should not  intermarry
     outside their races.



 Getting Politicians to listen - Joe Bryant 

 The GST is un-constitutional in 4 different areas. People have a fixed income so the GST reduces the economy by 10%. States don’t get any of the GST money for 7 years. The Commonwealth are not going to give this money up to the states in 7 years time. The obvious alternative will be to increase the rate of the GST. Europe went from full employment to 20 million unemployed with a GST.

 Sitting members are mainly party members. They must vote along party lines to retain preselection. Without party preselection they have little or no chance of winning the seat.

 At Rallies around Sydney resolutions have been passed to do away with excise on fuel, reduce income tax to 25% flat rate and not tax income under $20 thousand per year, tax overseas ownership of business in Australia.

 There are 80 marginal seats. Motions from the Parramatta meeting relating to the above topics were put to the Forum and carried.



Colloidal Silver  - Ted Patterson

 Colloidal Silver is antibiotic, antivirus and antifungal. Ted’s method of making Colloidal Silver is inexpensive compared to the price of the purchased commercial product.

 He maintained it was non-toxic and could be used as a topical antiseptic as well as being ingested.



Moribund Medicine - Dr. Pat O’Neil

 Moribund means on the point of death, or dying.

 Our centralised health system is on the point of collapse. It ties in with the collapse of the whole of our global society. This relates to centralization and greed of a few.

 From Hippocrates oath we have:

1.      Do no harm. (Up to 20% of problems treated by western medicine have been caused by western medicine)

2.      You shall not give poison to any person even if asked.

3.      You shall not procure abortion.

4.      You shall keep silent about all matters told to you and hold such matters sacred secrets.

 After Greece and Rome for nearly 1300 years no medicine was studied. With the reformation came an explosive emergence of study of anatomy and physiology.

 Now in Australia nearly 50c in every health dollar is spent on the last year of life. Our health care is declining while more money is being spent on high cost gadgetry: the overall condition of health care is declining. A lot of surgery is unnecessary. (Breast surgery) There is a lot of surgery for the correction of self induced disease. (Heart surgery)

 Only when we are not scared of dying will we live and die happy and in good health without a preoccupation with spare parts. (Transplants)



Continuing Gun Law saga in the Courts - Martin Essenberg

 Martin lost his High Court case in June over unlicensed rifles. He did 136 hours community work at Kingaroy Primary School. In august police raided him and confiscated a .22 cal wooden rifle stock. He was fined $400 for possessing an unlicensed component of a firearm. He appealed to the District Court. Courts are supposed to be separate from governments but in fact they just confirm government edicts.

 He exhorted the forum to put the sitting member last. Most are in marginal seats. A swing of 10% would put most of them out.

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