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Friday 17 March 

  7.30  to  9.30 pm:  Professor Andrew Fraser - Reversing the Racial revolution

                                        Saturday 18 March

  7.45 to  8.50 am  Registration
  8.50 am     Welcome, Notices
  9.10           Bob Spanswick - Customs; how good is their protection?  
10.10           Lyn Stanfield - Tribute to Tony Pitt  
10.15           Open Session
10.30  Morning Tea
11.00          David Bradbury - 
12.00 pm    Darryl Wheeley - Exercising the Right to dispute an election
12.35          Kym Monkton - New principles for rural production
  1.00 Lunch
  2.10           Sandy Thorne - Beyond the Razor Wire; detention centres  
  3.10           Phil Tzavellas - 30 years of political; white-anting
3.40           Dr Jim Saleam - The Cronulla Civil Uprising
  4.00 Afternoon Tea
  4.30           Warren Woodley - Drugs; the present situation
  5.35           Open Session
  6.00 Close
  7.00           Assembly for those booked in for the dinner for a 7.30 pm start.

Sunday 19 March 

  7.45 to 8.50 am  Registration
  8.50 am    Opening
  9.00          Rob McIntyre -Your good health is in your hands
10.00          Open Session
10.30 Morning Tea
11.00          Mike Rogers - Australian produced & Australian owned    
12.00 pm    Sam Broad - Protecting small business against oppressive legislation
1.00 Lunch
  2.10          Sandy Thorne  
  2.40          Lindsay Johnson - The Honour/Dishonour Principle 
  3.10          Wayne Bennett - Household cleaners & the environmental impact 
  3.40          Nick Faulkner - The Universal rule of natural law & Spirituality 
  4.00          Open Session  
  4.55 Close                    
        Afternoon Tea

Monday 20 March


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Speakers Inverell Forum 2006

Dennis Stevenson
Weekend Compere. This is his 14th Forum as Compere and Dennis will ensure a smooth running weekend with everything running on time! He will also speak AGAINST the latest push to FLUORIDATE town water supplies. BEFORE LEAVING PARLIAMENT, DENNIS WAS A Member OF A GOVERNMENT INQUIRY INTO FLUORIDATION.

Professor Andrew Fraser
The controversial law professor who was banned from teaching at a
Sydney University after he publicly aired his views on non-whites and Africans in Australia . Canadian-born, Associate Professor Fraser was last week cautioned by Sydney University over a letter he wrote to his local suburban newspaper, claiming Australia was becoming a Third World colony by allowing non-white immigration. Prof. Fraser, a lecturer at the University for 29 years, claims African migration increases crime, and believes HSC results point to a rising ruling class of Asians. He wants Australia to withdraw from refugee conventions. (news.ninemsn.com.au)

Bob Spanswick
Bob started out in his early days as a bank officer. He joined the Custom Service in 1967 and after 23 years was made redundant because of no future need for law enforcement officers. Very passionate about Customs law enforcement, Bob was instrumental in developing a major parliamentary submission and border protection blueprint. He is a member of the Border Watch Australia Expert Advisory Panel. He speaks with professional authority on Border Security and Quarantine as well as the problems customs and quarantine Agencies will have overseeing the Free Trade Agreement.

David Bradbury
avid Bradbury has earned an international reputation as a film maker willing to go to extraordinary lengths for a cause, exposing political oppression and environmental vandalism. In 1972 he began his career as a radio journalist with the ABC after graduating from the Australian National University with a BA in Political Science. After post graduate studies in broadcast journalism in the United States , he worked as a freelance journalist covering the Spring Revolution in Portugal in 1974 as well as the overthrow of the Greek military junta in Athens that same year and the final days of the Shah of Iran. He has produced six award winning documentaries and now his latest, “Blowin in the Wind” is to be discussed at this Forum. It relates to the use of recycled uranium weapons in Iraq and testing on Australian soil.

Darryl Wheeley
In February 1996 Albert Langer was jailed for “contempt of court” for what Amnesty International believes was “a direct result of the exercise of his right to freedom of expression.” In February 2006 Darryl Wheeley faces the prospect of jail as a direct result of his exercise of his right to dispute an election that was proved [before Justice Gummow, whose disobedience of High Court rules is also proven] without dispute, to be illegal, including “contempt of court”. This will be the subject of Darryl’s presentation.  

Kym Monkton
Kym is chairman of United Farmers Union of Australia Inc. a breakaway group from the NSW Farmers who he believes has let farmers down and he says attention must be given to rural production, tax, water, land rights and GMO’s. He is involved with the Rates, Levies & Development Assn Inc., whose aims are to question Local, State & Federal governments on rates, taxes and development.  He says
Australia has a serious problem with politicians and public servants. These people need to be exposed regardless of the circumstances. Through their arrogance, power and greed, they allow corporations and the like to cause great hardship to society and less opportunity for our children's future. This is Kym’s first time to an Inverell Forum.

Sandy Thorne
andy comes from Lightning Ridge and is an author of six best-selling books of outback humour in the 1980’s, including “I’ve Met Some Bloody Wags!” the book she launched on the Midday Show. Her latest book, “Working Horses”, is a celebration of our pioneering and gracious past, a tribute to the magnificent horses that worked so hard for our forefathers. On a more serious note, her previous book “Behind the Razor Wire”, is the story of her days as a detentions officer at two of the centres for illegal immigrants. This will be the subject of her presentation with the latter part devoted to what she enjoys most, and that is humour. She will also be entertaining those attending the Saturday night dinner. She returns by popular demand.

Phil Tzavellas
il is a spokesman for the “Voice of the People” Lobby Group who have some of the finest Investigators and Researchers in Australia . Their expertise expose the cover up’s in Australia ’s three tiers of Government Federal, State and Local as well as Multi-National Corporations. He will reveal how financial donations by major corporations to political slush funds can buy protection from being investigated. He will allege that the electronic and print media fail to follow up legal and constitutional breaches committed by successive Governments in both the Federal and State arena by Labor and the Liberal National Party Coalition. The one exception is 2SM, 1269 AM, part of the Super Network of radio stations with talk-back radio host Grant Goldman.  Phil is often on air discussing various issues that are of concern to all Australians.

Dr. Jim Saleam
Jim holds a doctorate in government. His thesis was on what is usually called the 'Right' of Australian politics. He has a specific interest in the history and politics of Australian culture and identity and the theory and practise of secret-state repression in
Australia . Jim has written extensively upon these subjects and has edited others' writings on related themes through participation in a few inter-connected Web Sites. He does paralegal work and lives in Sydney and works politically through the Australia First Party. Jim will speak on the Cronulla Civil Uprising of December 11, 2005 .

Warren Woodley OAM
Born and lived in
Tamworth all his life. Owned and operated a successful multi franchise motor dealership. He started and owned four other successful businesses during that time. Warren is President of “Australian Cities against Drugs”, a group dedicated to preventing and helping drug addiction Australia wide. He is passionately committed to all facets of Country NSW and was elected Local Government Councillor from 1965-1968 and again in 1980 and still serving. Apart from Local Government commitments, Warren is active in Country Music Sponsorship and with wife Lorraine has hosted numerous official visitors for these awards. He is very pro active in safer car projects and was a member of the Road Safety Council 1960-1970. He is actively committed to lobbying our state government to commence random drug tests on drivers. He last spoke at the 1994 Forum.

Rob McIntyre
ob conducts seminars and lectures dedicated to bringing to the Australian public an understanding that “wellness” is a state that can be arrived at, only when YOU take responsibility for your own health. Most Australians, it would seem, believe that government agencies such as the TGA and FDA etc, and the medical industry, have our good health as the major goal – whereas, this is probably not the case! He will give a fascinating talk about the condition of foods and personal care products we buy every day in our supermarkets.

Mike Rogers
Mike is editor of the Fight Back for Australia newspaper which promotes the need for increased Aussie ownership of Australian industries.
Australia is importing far too much from overseas. There is a need for shoppers to support Australian made and owned products, this would stop the flow of profits being sent overseas to foreign parent companies and would reduce our Current Account Deficit which is the single most serious economic issue facing Australia for decades. This is Mike’s first time to an Inverell Forum.

Sam Broad
Sam is the initiator of the People's Mandate. Formed to protect farmers and small businesses against oppressive state and federal laws, they arrange widespread meetings to advise people of their Constitutional Rights and how to repeal such Legislation. This is Sam’s first presentation at an Inverell Forum.  

Lindsay Johnson 
Lindsay has had a long time interest in reversing what he sees as the intrusion in our lives by corporations and government. This interest has led down a path through politics, money, conspiracies, common law and on to the Honour/Dishonour process and its many side tracks. He will present his understanding of the Victoria-Joy workshops and the Honour/Dishonour and exemption process as it is understood at this time and how this process appears to be able to help us to exert our sovereignty.

 Wayne Bennett  
From the day Green Aussie Cleaner was born, Wayne ’s vision has been to counter the environmental vandalism caused by the use of conventional household chemicals. Wayne ’s company provides the ordinary householder with an acceptable alternative product that uses top quality, safe and renewable plant crop derivatives. With the promotion of household water recycling, Councils are now starting to use Green Aussie Cleaner. This will be the subject of Wayne ’s presentation.  

Nic Faulkner 
Topics for Nic’s presentation will cover The Universal Rule of Natural Law and Spirituality (God/Creator Spirits Law). The Levites and the Judaeic/Christian/Zionist (not Jews) Agenda (us against them). "Reconciliation" Australia Incorporated! The Role of the Australian Patriot Party. The Save Australia Alliance Objective; the next Federal Election, to hold the Balance of Power in the Senate and House of Reps. The Strategy; Unity and Vision.

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Australia’s premier Forum again allows all points of view to be aired

By Ray Smyth

The beautiful little town of Inverell in NSW played host recently to the cream of Australia 's freedom movement. The Inverell Forum held its eighteenth annual meeting which was attended by over 200 stalwarts. The event was, once again,  expertly compeered by Dennis Stevenson, once a controversial MP in the ACT, who used all his experience to keep things moving smoothly.

The first speaker was Professor Andrew Fraser who has gained some notoriety recently for his views on immigration. He made a quite an impact on the audience with his explanation of the stand he was taking and was given a heartfelt round of applause on the completion of his speech.

Enjoyable weekend  
Various other speakers dotted the very enjoyable weekend with an enormous range of views and topics. All were listened to with respect and appreciation. Those that were new to the forum commented on how much they had learned and how they appreciated the experience. The old hands nodded knowingly, but also admitted that they too had learned a great deal.

One of the highlights of the weekend was the very humorous dissertation by Sandy Thorne, the well known bush poet/authoress, who regaled the audience with her observations on life in the bush. The listeners howled with laughter at some of her earthy anecdotes. Between herself and Dennis Stevenson's jokes and skits, the weekend was well sprinkled with laughter.

The forum was well served by what was called the Book Room, but which had demonstrations of health products, cleaning agents, videos, DVDs and, of course, books.

Len Harris, the recently ousted Queensland Senator, demonstrated an electro magnetic machine which was claimed to improve health. The machine proved very popular and was in constant use.

The HASCO group had a polling box on display and encouraged the attendees to participate in a poll which consisted of six questions. This also proved to be quite popular with people lining up to take part.

On the Saturday night a dinner was held in the nearby RSM Club. The meal was excellent and the venue admirable. Sandy Thorne again took the stage and over the clink of glasses and rousing hilarity she once again tickled the funny bones of the diners.

Race course
The weekend was finally wrapped up on the Monday morning when many of the speakers and attendees gathered at the Inverell Race Course for an informal social day. It was all very low key and gave everyone a chance to meet and talk about the weekend's events. Amidst plates of sandwiches, sausages, bacon and eggs the participants engaged in serious conversation while others laughed and joked and generally enjoyed themselves. But soon it was time to return to normality and with kisses, hugs, handshakes and slaps on the back, the weekend was over for another year.

The Forum appears to be a place where those unique individuals who think outside the box gather annually to stretch our minds and firm up our resolve to live free lives. For me it was an experience well worth the visit. It was educative, informative and socially enjoyable, the conversations were stimulating and engaging and I will be there next year to repeat the whole process. It was great.  See you there.


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