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The Inverell Forum 2007  Review         Program 2007        Speakers 2007 

Rosemary Davies reports on the conference where you can listen to speakers on topics that are not media flavour of the month, nor politically correct, and sometimes off beat.
This review appeared in the Autumn edition of "The Independent Australian"
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The Inverell Forum, a yearly gathering of passionate supporters of free speech, has been held since 1988, and has gained a strong reputation. Therefore, perhaps it was not surprising that, even before the 2007 Forum commenced, we experienced a prime example of how our free speech is under threat.

Two major newspapers ran poorly researched stories which implied a neo-Nazi link to the forum, and also appeared to question anyone's right to scrutinise the official version of historical events. An unfortunate result of this was the subsequent withdrawal of two speakers, Pauline Hanson and Professor Bob Carter, who were apparently concerned about the adverse publicity. I didn't see anybody remotely looking like a skinhead: audiences listened attentively to speakers, robust discussion was always polite. There were no motions trying to carry the whole meeting along. In designated sessions attendees were allowed 5 minutes to put a point of view. The rumours were deliberate sabotage.

But despite that hiccup, the list of speakers on the full program was impressive. Over 200 attendees appreciated the good-natured but firm rein Compere Dennis Stevenson kept on the tight program schedule, and it was good to know that each talk or break would take place at the advertised time.

The speaker at the opening session on the first evening was Jeremy Lee, who has been talking to audiences for 40 years, alerting them to the way political sovereignty is being ceded to banks and corporations. Governments have held fire sales of publicly-owned assets, leading to an inability to fund sufficient numbers of teachers and nurses, for example; meanwhile people have been transformed into 'customers'. Dennis Stevenson concluded the evening with a thought-provoking quote: `If it is to be, it is up to me', reminding us all that we must be an active part of the solution if we want change.

The packed program of presentations continued  throughout the next two days, starting with the forum’s  first international speaker, American radio host, Dave von Kleist. His 'Power Hour' is a patriotic and questioning program which had just commenced its morning session when news of the World Trade Centre attack burst on to American TV screens on 11 September 2001 . Dave was inspired to ask his listeners to turn on their TV sets and record what was shown as events unfolded. The many videos sent to him later by his listeners caused him to seriously question the official line on the events of 9/11.

His questioning and search for the truth continues, and has resulted in the production of two investigative DVDs which analyse in detail the versions of what occurred at the WTC and the Pentagon site, as presented to the public through the mainstream media. The final question which echoed in my mind from Dave von Kleist's talk was, "Who benefits from these terrible events?"

Narribri farmer and local Councillor for 25 years, Bevan O'Regan, spoke about the importance of local government representation in the local community. Local Government administers the land, the components of which – air, soil, water and vegetation – should not be separated. This is particularly important to recognise as governments are now attempting to isolate these components from each other. Bevan is currently challenging the NSW State Government's push to rate land without vegetation and water, as he fervently believes that landowners are fully entitled to do whatever they wish to their land.

As an active 80-year old with extensive experience in many branches of the Services all over the world, Des Morrison spoke passionately about achieving the election into State and Federal parliaments of independent members who would seek the concerns of their electorate and subsequently present those concerns in parliament.

His talk was entitled 'Regaining Australian Sovereignty, Economic Independence and National Self-Sufficiency'. He advocated the establishment of Australian Voters' Support Groups to provide a communication link between the electorate and the elected independent member, gathering details of voters' concerns and keeping the member informed of them. Des distributed a comprehensive resource handbook to help forum attendees with ideas on how to regain 'Australia-4-Australians'.

A short, informative talk on the 'Aussie Helpers' organisation (subsequently featured on ABC's 'Australian Story') by Michael Gray alerted forum attendees to a way of giving practical help to our farmers in real trouble. Thankfully 'Aussie Helpers' devotes the entire sum of donations to farming families, as all their administrative and transport work is voluntary.

Cancer treatment is probably a subject which concerns most people, and Jenny Barlow spoke earnestly of the need for Dr John Holt's radiotherapy treatment (not to be confused with radiation treatment) to be granted Medicare rebate status. The treatment has been thoroughly researched academically and is accredited in Ireland, but not yet here. Jenny, who sadly lost her husband to cancer, is actively lobbying for establishment of the Medicare rebate for those who wish to use this therapy.

Eighteen years ago Cy d'Oliveira presented his solution for Australia 's power problems to all our leaders. Cy told the forum that his Natural Gas Refinery supplies all its own operational energy demands, produces renewable energy in the form of methane gas, and has a zero waste factor. This invention could replace our current dependence on fossil fuels, but despite an encouraging response from the CSIRO in 1993, the d'Oliveira solution' has to date not scored any development funding or encouragement from governments.

A riveting address by Rob McIntyre, past Olympic swimming coach and founding adviser to the New Zealand Sports Council, on why there are so many deaths from 'lifestyle' diseases, started off Day 3 of the forum. Rob believes that most illnesses are metabolic, and that good lifestyle choices (nourishment, detoxification and exercise)can result in their reversal.

The top eight diseases (heart disease, cancer, stroke, alzheimer's, diabetes, osteoporosis, asthma and arthritis) are, he believes, avoidable. Food additives, loss of nutritive value due to early harvesting, processing and long distance transportation of food, fluoride in water supplies, and chemicals in household cleaners and personal care items are among the factors which contribute to poor health outcomes.

The nationalist party (NPD) in Germany was the subject of Welf Herfurth's talk, and his concept of Trussianism' (not Nazism) was described as 'a feeling, an instinct, a compulsion, the embodiment of spiritual and intellectual traits.' Welf stated that the nationalist cause does not require a leader, nor need it depend on, or be part of, governments. The people can make things happen by volunteering, and setting up kinders, discos, youth groups, fire brigades and so on, which are not government-funded. 'Community first' is a positive, practical starting-point for supporting the nationalist cause.

Many at the forum related to Bruce Craven's experiences when dealing with bureaucrats while running his charter boat business. The simple procedures he first encountered 20 years ago when applying for permits have now become frustratingly complex. The end result (if not the purpose) of these bureaucratic controls is that owners or leasers have been forced off their properties and their land has been declared World Heritage areas.

Richard Krege, an independent researcher, went to the Review of Holocaust conference in Iran in January 2007 to observe and to learn. A group of Jews who are against the politicisation of the Holocaust also attended. It seems that mainstream media comment on Iran lacks detail; for instance, Iran 's 3% nuclear enrichment programme is legal and on-site inspectors are there all the time. In contrast, Brazil 's similar nuclear enrichment programme gets no media comment.

Finally, is there any social time at the Inverell Forum? Definitely, yes. The Saturday evening Dinner included a memorable meal, good company, musical entertainment and even spontaneous dancing as the evening mellowed out. Monday was entirely devoted to a Social Day at the attractive Inverell Race Course, providing a relaxed time to catch up with friends new and old over a barbecue, and to make plans to all meet again on 7-10 March 2008.

For anyone wanting to explore the facts regarding the political landscape, current and past events. health issues and those affecting family life, the Inverell Forum offers a unique opportunity to get to the heart of important matters.

With a worrying concentration of media in so few hands and the pervasive whiff of political correctness all around us, such an opportunity is not available very often. So I felt a sense of freedom as well as pleasure at attending this year's Inverell Forum, and congratulate the organisers of the Inverell Forum for staging it so successfully once again.

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Ray Smyth reports on the weekend conference  

Faced with a great deal of negative publicity, which attempted to paint the this year’s Forum as a neo-Nazi talk-fest, the organisers carried on doggedly, replacing the two speakers who took cold feet with others made of sterner stuff and upheld the right to offer the only platform left from which free speech can be heard.  

Veteran author and speaker Jeremy Lee kicked off the weekend with an eye opening presentation about the advent of world government and the steps that should be taken to oppose it. Jeremy was, by his own admission, a little slower than normal and suffering from a slight speech impediment due to a recent stroke, but he was nevertheless even more dynamic than usual. The audience hung on his every word and showed their appreciation for the elder statesman.  

Dave vonKleist, a professional musician and talk show host from America , proved his abilities by rendering a Frank Sinatra song accompanied by a CD player. He was firing on all cylinders when he gave his presentation and made it obvious that the story of terrorists living in caves in Afghanistan being responsible for the atrocities of 9/11 was absurd. His evidence was so compelling that people wondered why he was still alive and that he had not been eliminated by government agents. He commented that he did not feel too threatened, as his government did not want to bring more attention to something that was blowing open anyway, by creating another incident.  

Anyone sitting through his presentation could no longer be convinced that the government of the U.S.A. did not have some involvement in those events. Dave was very good value and we hope this is not the last time we see him here in Australia.  

Bevan O'Regan followed with a warning of land grabs by the federal government and how councils should stand up to them. Then Des Morrison gave a stirring and emotional dissertation on how our values are being eroded away and what should be done to turn this country around. He challenged people to begin to get active rather than passively accepting the degeneration around us.  

Other highlights were Rob McIntyre, who spoke on health and was very informative and entertaining, Cy D'Oliveria on po wer stations and Welf Herfurth on self help communities.  

The whole weekend went very well and people had a good time. The newspapers who printed such rubbish about neo-Nazis would have been terribly disappointed at the smooth running and polite behaviour of the attendees.  

The Saturday night dinner was a delight and was given an extra surprise when Dave vonKleist took the stage and performed several songs accompanied by his back-packer guitar. He impersonated Willie Nelson and various other performers, plus a few of his own songs. Then the country band, The Rabbit Trappers, took over for the evening dancing.  

This was arguably the best Forum yet, but who knows what next year has in store for us. Personally, I am booking early; 7-10 March 2008.           


Program Forum 2007     

    Friday 16 March 

   7.30 pm       Jeremy Lee

     Saturday 17 March

  7.45 to  8.50 am  Registration
  8.50 am     Welcome, Notices
  9.10           Dave vonKleist  
10.30  Morning Tea
11.00          Dave vonKleist 
12.00 pm    Open Session - 5 minute talks from audience
12.30          Bevan O'Regan
  1.00 Lunch
  2.10           Des Morrison
  3.10           Michael Gray
  3.40           Jenny Barlow       
4.10 Afternoon Tea
  4.40           Cy d'Oliveria
  5.50 Close
  7.00           Assembly for those booked in for the dinner for a 7.30 pm start.

  Sunday 18 March 

  7.45 to 8.50 am  Registration
  8.50 am    Opening
  9.00          Rob McIntyre 
10.10          Open Session
10.30 Morning Tea
11.00          Welf Herfurth    
12.00 pm    Lindsay Johnson
12.30          Bruce Craven
1.00 Lunch
2.10         Richard Krege
  2.50         Garry Thompson 
  3.20         Open Session 
  4.45 Close                    
        Afternoon Tea

 Monday 19 March


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Speakers Forum 2007

Jeremy Lee
Probably one of the best known speakers at the Inverell Forum, Jeremy has been on the speaking circuit for many years, has written and spoken extensively, at times giving an average of 150 lectures annually. He has spoken across Canada (three separate tours), around New Zealand (thirteen separate tours), through Britain, both northern and southern Ireland, and round Australia too often to count. Despite being regularly stereo-typed in the media, and attacked by all political parties (usually from the safety of parliamentary privilege), Jeremy Lee's material has gained a wider and wider audience, crossing both political and economic divisions. 

Dave von Kleist – 9/11 In Plane Site
It is a coup for the Inverell Forum to have Dave vonKliest, the first international speaker, to grace the Forum platform. Is what occurred in New York
on September 11, 2001and portrayed by the media, an accurate account of what really happened? It would appear not! Dave vonKleist from Versailles Kentucky) USA runs a radio show, somewhat similar to that of the Brain Wilshire and Grant Goldman shows in Sydney. Dave is also the Producer and Presenter of the controversial DVD “9/11 In Plane Site” which was shown on  Australia’s Channel 10 last year. It is a riveting 80 minutes including video footage covering many aspects of what occurred on that day. Did passenger aircraft hit the World Trade Centre towers as we have been told? It would appear not! Did a passenger aircraft (757; flight 77) hit the Pentagon? It would appear not! These and many other aspects of 9/11 will be discussed during Dave’s 140 minute presentation at the 2007 Inverell Forum. Dave, who is soon to release a second DVD on 9/11, will also be showing newly obtained footage from this new release. While what occurred on 9/11 may seem far away, it is directly linked to so called  terrorism and why Australia has committed troops to Iraq and Afghanistan.  For those on the internet, more information can be found at http://thepowerhour.com or Google Dave vonKleist.

Bevan O’Regan
Bevan has appeared numerous times on the Forum platform, in fact attended the first Forum in 1988. He is a farmer and long time Councillor and former Mayor with the Narrabri Shire. He is passionate about the role of Local Council which he says is closest to the people. Over his years as a councillor he has continually battled to have fellow councillors understand the importance of Local Government and the powers it has which are being eroded by State Governments. He is a prolific writer to letters-to-the-editor which appear in many newspapers across NSW.  In his short address he will raise the issue, where water is now a commodity and is being separated and sold from the land and the problems that will cause for councils, including rating, not to mention the land owner.

Des Morrison - Anzacs Betrayed
This will be the subject of Des Morrison's presentation. Des served, as a boy, in the RAN in Burma
and in the Pacific in a Destroyer Bombardment Flotilla and in landing Parties. He also served in the Scots Guards and then in the Guards Independent Parachute Company. Later in the Canadian Police and in the Canadian Army in the Mobile Striking Force (Para) in the Yukon, NW Territories and later in Germany with the Canadian Independent Infantry Brigade. He served as a Northern Territory Patrol Officer followed by service with the Northern Territory Prison and police services, from which he retired as Chief Instructor Control and Restraint. His service in training includes Australia, USA, Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong, UK and Northern Ireland. This sprightly 80 year old will have plenty to say during his first time presentation at the Inverell Forum.

Michael Gray
Michael Gray has taken a great interest in the work of Brian and Nerida Egan who established Aussie Helpers in 2002 to help fight poverty and lift the spirits of those severely affected by drought in the outback. Brian, as a veteran of the Indonesian Confrontation and the Vietnam War in the 1960s who lost his own farm in the 1990s from a combination of drought and personal depression, is no stranger to hard times. Aussie Helpers mainly work via the "Bush Telegraph" to find farming families who are in desperate need of assistance. Aussie Helpers work around three words "care, share, respect" which simply means that Aussie Helpers share whatever assistance they have available free of charge and will give the recipients the utmost respect and confidentiality. Aussie Helpers raises all its own funding and is not aligned to any other charity or religious association. Unlike government funded organisations, Aussie Helpers are all unpaid volunteers making a real difference to the lives of real people. Michael will give us an insight into the work of this organisation.

Jenny Barlow
Jenny Barlow lives on a property in the North-West Slopes and Plains of NSW and the family have been on the land for six generations. Currently she is on a mission. Earlier in the year her husband Ross, died from complications of the blood cancer Multiple Myeloma. Despite losing his battle to live, Jenny still has complete faith in the path chosen. Over the last 30 years Dr John Holt of Western Australia has developed Radiowave Therapy and this will be the subject of Jenny’s address. www.radiowavebarlow.com

Rob McIntyre
By popular demand, Rob will once again be presenting a segment on health and how it is your responsibility to look after it. As he says, “Your good health is in Your hands”.  Rob McIntyre completed a B.Sc., majoring in nutrition, as part of a Physical Education course at the
University of Queensland. He was an Olympic Swimming Coach and the founding adviser to the NZ Sports Council. Rob presents information that will radically change the way you and your children can face the future. He invites you to make some slight adjustments to your daily choices which will absolutely guarantee that you, your family and the generations to come will avoid the debilitating diseases that seem to be on the increase. On the Monday following the Forum, Rob will start a four week speaking tour of WA. www.betterlivingresources.name

Welf Herfurth
Welf Herfurth
was born and raised in Germany. He is a well-known political activist in Sydney where he now resides and he has the distinction of being criticised by the notorious Senator Ron Boswell (who hasn’t!) for his prior link to the German patriot NPD and membership of the One Nation party. He joined One Nation in 1998 but is no longer involved. Welf is also the Chairman of the annual Sydney Forum.  
Welf’s presentation will cover the subject of German nationalism - specifically, about the NPD - and what other nationalists outside Germany can learn from the NPD's practical approach to politics and creating a ‘parallel society’. The position he will be taking is a very unusual one and might be hard to understand for non Germans. He recommends that nationalist movements outside of Germany pay attention to the 'German model' and deliberately isolate some of its elements and incorporate them into their own ideologies and practices; their aim should be to minimise the parochial elements unique to their own countries (America, France, Australia or whatever) and become more 'German' and more 'Prussian'. Welf last made a presentation at the Inverell Forum in 2003.

Cy d’Oliveira
The world has entered into a new climate change. Many scientists believe this is due to the large and increasing amounts of GHG. This pattern can only be stopped by using energy that does not produce GHG. One of the only technology's that can satisfy the worlds increased demand for energy and potable water is that of the d’Oliveira Natural Gas Refinery (dNGR). This new technology does not require fossil fuel to operate but in fact supplies all its own operational energy demands. It produces environmentally renewable energy in the form of methane gas. Potentially this methane gas production could replace our current dependence on fossil fuels, such as crude oil, and coal. It could even replace atomic energy since it is a much safer alternative. This will be the subject of Cy’s presentation and this is his first time to an Inverell Forum. www.users.bigpond.net.au/dngr

Bruce Craven
Bruce who lives in northern QLD, for many years ran a charter boat business. One would think that once away from shore he would be free of bureaucratic controls. Not so it appears. Numerous permits, controls and bureaucratic bastardry made it difficult and expensive to carry on such a business. Bruce took them head on and had some wins which encouraged him to continue. His short presentation will show the difficulties he had and how he managed to continue despite these adversities. This is his first presentation at the Inverell Forum.  

Richard Krege
Dr Frederick Toben and Richard Krege recently returned from the controversial Holocaust Conference in Tehran as speakers. This conference caused international outcry and stirred the media, politicians, academics and even governments to despair. They discuss the background to this conference, what was actually said and the ensuring ramifications that included Israel officially admitting for the first time that it's a nuclear power. They will also discuss the current Zionist propaganda campaign designed to condition the public to accept the inevitable first attack on Iran that will remove their last substantial obstacle in the Middle East to fulfill their historic dream of Eretz Israel and total Middle East domination.

Garry Thompson|
Garry is a long time attended to the Forum and has on several occasions taken the 5 minute sessions to get his message across. The title of his short presentation is “How not to be your own worst enemy”.