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   Inverell Forum 2008  Review

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Published in The Independent Australian

Rosemary Davies reports that the Inverell Forum must surely represent the best value around. Over two and a half days, for a very modest outlay, you hear about a dozen scheduled speakers, a number of others covering diverse topics in shorter timeslots, and there's even an opportunity for five-minute presentations by those who wish to raise their own concerns in the public arena.

Inverell , New South Wales – the Sapphire City – provides an ideal backdrop for its iconic Forum, which has been held there since 1988.

Whether travelling by car, or coach and train (there's also an air service), visitors pass through some of the most spectacular scenery in Australia, to arrive at the attractive country town nestling in a picturesque valley beside the Macintyre River. In addition to supplying 80% of the world's sapphires, Inverell has numerous attractions if you wish to extend your stay there. The Transport Museum, Pioneer Village, Lake Inverell Reserve, and the Draught Horse Centre are but a few of the places to visit if you have time.

This report does not claim to be comprehensive; it concentrates on what attracted my attention. Major themes of the forum were about

A very popular speaker from the 2007 Forum, Dave von Kleist, radio presenter from Kentucky, USA, returned this year to reiterate his concerns about the mainstream media's presentation of what happened on 11 September 2001 in New York (usually referred to as '9/11'), and to show more recent footage on DVD. Dave is not only a lively speaker but can also present issues of the day in a musical format, accompanying his own vocals on the guitar. http://thepowerhour.com

Many of us are extremely concerned that, while some activist groups seem driven to enhance the `rights' of certain sectors of our society, main­stream citizens are increasingly losing our rights and freedoms. Peter Palvaast addressed the difficult possibility of achieving fair and impartial access to the law when the average person feels powerless to deal with unaccountable and immune public servants. According to Peter, we should not argue, or even keep silent in a legal situation, but through carefully studying a Law dictionary, and with further detailed information from attendance at one of Peter's workshops, people could learn how to ensure that governments and public servants correctly uphold their own laws, which is not happening at present.

With an interesting and extensive back­ground in Ancient History and Politics, and a long association with Southeast Asia , Greg Clancy was a quietly compelling speaker. His unassuming manner overlaid a depth of experience, and concern at the way in which we the people have been deceived by the unilateral political push for multiculturalism. We have been denied free speech and a say in our country's future, had our national security undermined, and the protection of vested interests has taken precedence over the common good. Australians are not permitted to even discuss multiculturalism in the public arena, while Indonesians know all about the involvement of international crime syndicates in our political and financial sys­tems and the movement of people for monetary gain. Australia 's proud history of unity is being threatened by multiculturalism and its powerful lobby. Ordinary citizens need to get together, ask questions, and take the extra step in exposing problems wherever we see a possible outlet. (For more background see Greg Clancy's book 'The Conspiracies of Multiculturalism'; excerpt and review in The Independent Australian, Issue 13 page 12, also go to www.sundapublications.com)

The loss of confidence by the general public in our banks was highlighted by Tony Rigg in his account of his treatment at the hands of staff from the Commonwealth Bank. His once successful and expanding steel-framed building venture is now gone, thanks to the actions of those concerned, together with the benefits from exporting Australian-made product and employing Aussie trades people. www.loveforlife.com.au/australian_stories

Sue Maynes related her experiences which led to discovering that the Queensland Government, supposedly elected to protect the people's rights, quietly substituted the Constitution of Queensland with a new Constitution in 2001, and made the Governor General of Queensland a parliamentary secretary. There is now no separation of powers in Queensland and anything you own can be claimed by the government aka the Brigalow Corporation. (Email sue.maynes@bigpond.com for more details.).

Bruce Bell, who you may have seen briefly featured on TV recently, is a passionate supporter of those seeking fairness in the legal and bureaucratic system, and a political advisor and Supreme Court Mediator. Bruce gave us some 'survival skills' including: research everything, trust our own judgement, retain copies of every single document, keep on top of the matter; ask questions.

The final day of the Forum started with a presentation by Meryl Dorey of the Australian Vaccination Network, which is working to inform parents of both sides of the vaccination issue so they can make an educated decision. Currently, compulsory vaccination is seen as the only option. www.avn.og.au

A welcome return speaker to the Forum was Professor Andrew Fraser, well-known former lecturer on Constitutional History and Law at Macquarie University . In a wide-ranging and academic talk, Professor Fraser spoke of the identity crisis confronting people of Anglo-Saxon (to use a general expression) heritage who know they have a culture, but it is not acknowledged, in fact it has been betrayed by governments. Anglo-Saxon culture should be encouraged as are other ethno-social cultures. Look out for Andrew's forthcoming book 'Anglo-Saxon Anglophobia: Its Causes and Cure’
For a review/comments of Andrews presentation see:

Popular speaker on preventative health issues, Rob McIntyre, gave another lively talk. He advised against joining the sheeple who unthinkingly follow what everybody else does. The pressure that ever increasing populations will exert on the food supply and the environment means that the strong and healthy will survive. Food, chemical and pharmaceutical companies all have the same directors and they are not working in our interests. Cancer and other serious conditions are on the increase, cures as such are not being sought for illnesses, instead `management' is the catch-cry, ensuring perpetual funding. Developing one's own strong immune system will help us keep independent of drug companies and unnecessary medical intervention. www.BetterLivingResources.info

The Forum closed with an opportunity for anyone who wished to address the audience on subjects of his or her choice.

Some of the speakers had views that appear to be a bit way out, but at the end we were given the sound advice to listen to all we had heard, but don't necessarily believe it or not believe it; check it out, do our own research, then decide what rings true.

Next year's Forum will take place on 20-23 March 2009. Put it in your diary.

PS Walking down the street on the Saturday morning we noticed a Federal electorate office open. We dropped in to pass the time of day and had a pleasant chat with the staffer representing Tony Windsor, Independent member for New England  Tony increased his absolute majority at the last election. Good to see that the region produces an independent attitude in more ways than one.

(A profile and interview with Tony Windsor was published in the Winter 2004, Issue No. 3 of The Independent Australian.)

The Independent Australian is a quarterly 36 page publication, available by subscription ($25.00) from Independent Australian Publications Pty Ltd, PO Box 8, Essendon. VIC  3040.   

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Forum 2008 Program   

Friday 7 March 

Registrations from 1pm
   2.30 to 5.30pm 

  7.00 to 9.30pm 

                                        Saturday 8 March

  7.45 to  8.50 am  Registration
  8.50          Welcome, Notices                   
10.30  Morning Tea
  1.00 Lunch
  4.10 Afternoon Tea

  5.50 Close
  7.00          Assembly for those booked in for the dinner for a 7.30 pm start.

Sunday 9 March 

   7.45 to 8.50 am  Registration
  8.50 am  Opening
10.30 Morning Tea
1.00 Lunch
  5.05 Close                    
        Afternoon Tea

Monday 10 March


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Speakers - Forum 2008

Dennis Stevenson - Forum Compere
For the 16th year, Dennis Stevenson is the Forum MC. As always, he'll run an efficient, on time forum with humour and good will. A former independent member of the ACT Parliament, Dennis voted with the majority of Canberrans as determined by extensive polling. After two terms, he left to spend more time lecturing and assisting community groups to take direct action. Before leaving Parliament, Dennis was a member of a Government inquiry into fluoridation and has lectured throughout Australia and New Zealand on its disastrous effects.

Dave vonKleist
It is a coup for the Inverell Forum to have Dave vonKleist back again, the first international speaker to grace the Forum platform. Is what occurred in New York on September 11, 2001 and portrayed by the media, an accurate account of what really happened? It would appear not! Dave vonKleist from Versailles Kentucky USA, runs a radio show and is Producer and Presenter of the controversial DVD 9/11 In Plane Site which was shown on Australia’s Channel 10 in 2006. It is a riveting 80 minutes including video footage covering many aspects of what occurred on that day. Since last year’s Forum, Dave has release a second DVD on 9/11, The Ripple Effect and he  will be showing newly obtained footage from this new release. He will also speak on the health problems Veterans are having after returning from Iraq and in particular the effects from the use of depleted uranium munitions. For those on the internet, more information can be found at http://thepowerhour.com 

Pierre Freeman
Pierre will run the Friday afternoon workshop. He'll discuss the difference between a public servant and “we the people”. He will show how we can achieve fair, equitable, independent and impartial access to law instead of the usual unjust results delivered by most public servants. He'll explain how and why they get away with it, which often leaves people feeling unnecessarily powerless to correct matters. He'll give the history of how this situation came about. Pierre will present practical methods that 'we the people' can use to uphold the law and make malfeasant public servants fully accountable for their actions or inactions. This can be done regardless of their presumed immunity and their claim of having “deemed power” even though we haven't given our proper informed consent.

Meryl Dorey
Meryl Dorey heads up the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN) based in Bangalow NSW. The AVN believes it is a parent's right to choose what's best for their child...some would say that this is one of the most basic rules of any civilised society. Yet governments all over the world have abridged or denied the right to free choice when it comes to vaccinations and immunisations for our children or ourselves. The Australian Vaccination Network is working to help parents take back that right to free and informed choice by allowing them to see both sides of this issue before making a decision. Compulsory Vaccination – Next stop Australia is the subject of Meryl’s presentation. This is her first time to an Inverell Forum.

Prof. Andrew Fraser
Andrew Fraser is a Canadian citizen by birth and an Australian by adoption. He taught constitutional history and public law for almost thirty years at Macquarie University in Sydney. He is now writing a book to be entitled
Anglo-Saxon Anglophobia: Its Causes and Cure. This will be the subject of his presentation. Andrew was a speaker at the 2006 Inverell Forum. For a review/comments of Andrews presentation see: http://majorityrights.com/index.php/weblog/comments/drew_fraser_at_inverell_2008/

Sue Maynes
The QLD Brigalow Corporation is the subject of Sue’s presentation. The High Court decision made in that case, means that Land and Property Ownership as we knew it is GONE. People need to understand what has happened to their personal rights and land rights, and what has been done to the governmental institutions that are supposed to be there to protect the people of Australia.  Sue will present facts and evidence that can be found in the law books of Australia and in the
continually-being-reprinted Constitution of Queensland.   The Commonwealth has been watching this for the last 9 years. In Queensland, this all started with the National Party, with the Labour Party quickly enforcing all the changes possible under the new controls. When Peter Beattie removed the Constitution of Queensland in 2001 and replaced it with the New Qld Constitution, all the politicians in Parliament House passed and applauded the ‘new regime’. This has also happened in NSW.

Rob McIntyre
Robb conducts seminars and lectures dedicated to bringing to the Australian public an understanding that “wellness” is a state that can be arrived at, only when YOU take responsibility for your own health. Rob has some new material concerning Bioterrorism established through Polio Vaccines and how SV40 viruses are now known to be causing cancer.  He will outline the intrigues, the deceit, the fraud, the cover-ups… and then outline some easy to follow protocols to ensure that our younger generations can avoid cancer all-together. Rob has spoken at two previous Forums and returns by popular demand.  www.BetterLivingResources.info

Greg Clancy
Author of The Conspiracies of Multiculturalism; the betrayal that divided Australia, Greg Clancy reveals for the first time, the hitherto unmentionable facts behind the rise of multiculturalism in Australia and are comprehensively exposed. In calling for an open and frank debate on the issue. Greg will argue that the previously successful migration policy which emphasised assimilation, has been displaced by a multiculturalism that has served Australians badly - including migrants themselves. He will detail the crime and corruption that has been rooted in a system dominated for three decades by the multicultural industry. He will explain the consequences Australians have suffered through a weakened social order, the rapid growth of crime in certain sections of the ethnic community - and the waste of countless billions of taxpayer dollars. From protecting the crimes of its ‘father’, Al Grassby, to the political cover-up of the Cronulla affair, this book explains how the system and the politics of multiculturalism have been manipulated for personal or group advantage at the expense of Australian society and its institutions. This is Greg’s first time to an Inverell Forum.

Bruce Bell LL.B
How to win justice in the legal system
is the title of Bruce Bell’s presentation. Bruce has spent 30 years helping others fight for fairness in the bureaucracy and court system and recently qualified as a barrister. He has a unique understanding of how to win justice in spite of the obstacles. From a farming family, Bruce has extensive experience in public interest lobbying and media relations, in business and as a political advisor. He is a Supreme Court Mediator. Bruce has achieved many remarkable successes. This is his first time to an Inverell Forum.

Tony Rigg
Tony Rigg, ran a Welding and Manufacturing business at Nowra, NSW. He was one of a new breed of builders exclusively using steel framing. Tony built these steel framed townhouses in Sydney. They are designed to blend with the Victorian style buildings predominant in the Glebe area. The business was destroyed due to fraud by the staff of the Commonwealth Bank.  Today, had it not been for the bank,  we would have been a major employer and exporter with joint ventures in other countries.  We were pioneers in our field and the whole community would have benefited. Dennis Stevenson, a former Independent Member of the ACT Parliament, read some of the evidence into Hansard to show how we were going to bring overseas workers to Australia and teach them the trade. Then we intended to create joint ventures with them in their own country using as many Australian products and expertise as possible. Austrade and BHP thought that was a great idea.  www.loveforlife.com.au/australian_stories

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