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The  Sydney Forum 
The Sydney Forum is a major speaking event of the Australian patriotic resistance calendar. The Forum which held its first event in 2000, supports the cause of
Australian freedom and independence against the emergent new NWO totalitarianism. The Forum is held annually in August. For all updates on speakers and other information: 
www.sydneyforum.net           www.alphalink.com.au/~radnat/forum2006.html    

The Strategy

The Strategy is the longest running freedom-movement newspaper that has survived the rigors of time and controversy. The paper, under the editorship of Ray Platt has been the sponsor of the Inverell Forum for many years. This 16 page publication is available by subscription; 11 editions per year for AU$32.00 or half year AU$18.00. Bulk copies available on request from: The Strategy, 344 Commercial Road, Yarram, VIC. 3971. Ph: 0351 826 002 

The Australian Beacon
(formerly It's Time).
Monthly Newsletter. The Australian Beacon is committed to publishing the stories that the mainstream media donít or wonít publish. Christian based, it reports the Australian political, health and social scene from that point of view. It is completely independent, non denominationally and politically incorrect. This monthly 20 page publication, it is available via an annual subscription of AU$30.00 with additional copies at AU$3.00 posted. Available from: The Australian Beacon, PO Box 642, Nanango, QLD, 4615.  Ph: 0746 938 641.
Email: rsmyth@burcom.com.au 

The Independent Australian
A quarterly magazine (36pages). By Subscription AU$22.00  (Chq/MO only) from:
The Independent Australian, PO Box 8, Essendon,  VIC  3040.
If you enjoy a bit of political incorrectness, sticking a pin into the puffery of the self proclaimed intellectual elites as well as some serious analysis of current issues which the mainstream media is too PC or scared to print, dip into this website (still under construction). It will give you an insight into the contents of The Independent Australian magazine.
††† We are at the forefront of questioning conventional wisdom; for example, right from the start we have opposed Multiculturalism (take a look at the Features Archives). Now we find that commentators, even from the bleeding heart and soft left-liberal elites, are starting to question the very basis of this State sponsored religion. Similarly we have long advocated tightening up eligibility laws for citizenship.
††† Our Green Pages do not rabbit on endlessly about old growth forests (important as they are), rather we tackle the basic issues of reconciling population growth with sustainability, look realistically at alternative power supplies and transport modes. The establishment environmental groups, the Greens and the Australian Conservation Foundation, are more concerned with ideological social issues than sustainability.
††† Nowhere else will you find support for giving more power to the people via Binding Citizen Initiated Referenda, an idea abhorrent to the Left and Right power brokers. And we are right behind those who support freedom of speech and the right to publish, including views diametrically opposed to us.

QLD Independent
Selwyn Johnston's web site. Good informative web site with links to Australian Government information.

The Australian League of Rights
A Service Organisation. Source of hard-to-get books, literature, audio and video tapes. A weekly information newsletter "On Target" available by subscription; AU$40.00. The Australian League of rights, GPO Box 1052, Melbourne, VIC, 3001.

Heritage Australia Sovereign Constitutional Organisation (HASCO)

The governments are to be reminded that they work for US (the people), and are to keep our Heritage, Liberty, Sovereignty, Freedom and Christian values. More information from the web site.

Australian Spirit; Voice of the Silent Majority

A web site dedicated to develop, and secure a National Consumer Advocacy and Public Watch Dog across Australia. A global network with parallel objectives linked with Australian Spirit is imperative, but as a priority, our Own Backyard must come First,  however, I would take this opportunity to welcome on board all those folk residing in other countries who share similar objectives as those promoted by Australian Spirit. Briefly, a Powerful Non-Aligned, Non Party Political but Politically active Public Watch Dog energized by a membership reflecting grass roots participation involving Fair Dinkum men and women. Men and women who are prepared to stand up and be counted will, Dare I Say It. . .keep the Political, Corporate, Media and Bureaucratic Bastards Honest or at the very least, expose them to public ridicule and lawful recrimination...!

Future Nation
 This aim of this publication is to do more than just publish information. By supporting Future Nation you are building an independent media resource able to help finance and organise a campaign to reclaim Australia.
A monthly publication (20p) by subscription AU$36.00(or AU$18.00 for six issues). Cheques/Money Orders to Lachlan Black, PO Box 118, Rockhampton, QLD 4700. fn.editor@gmail.com 



Australian Chemical Trauma Alliance Inc. 
Support group for people effected by every day chemicals (MCS)

Credence Publications
The Campaign for Truth in medicine. Phillip Day.

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