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Speakers – Inverell Forum 2004

Dennis Stevenson- Forum CompereMr. Stevenson will once again Compere the weekends activities. This will be his 11th Forum as Compere and  as always will run an efficient program with humour and good will. He is a former  Independent Member of the ACT parliament and has been involved in the anti fluoride issue.  

Senator Len Harris - Important issues that will affect the future of this nation. We are very fortunate to have Senator Len Harris, One Nation Senator for Queensland at this years Forum. Senator Harris was elected on July 2, 1999 . He is a participating member of various committees including Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport. He is also President of the Mareeba branch of One Nation. He is outspoken on many important issues affecting the future of this country. He attended his first Forum last year and he returns this year by popular demand.

Ross Hercott - Halt the Salt! Ross comes from Pyrimid Hill in North West Victoria where his family have lived for many years and he has continued on with the family tradition of farming. He has developed of a revolutionary new plough which has the potential to lift farming productivity and put an end to Australia ’s water shortage for good. What an amazing statement. Ross is going to tell us about examples where caked rock-hard earth that’s virtually dead has been returned to rich farming land using the “Eco Plough”. This is his first time to an Inverell Forum.

David Bridgman - The Seven Steps to Cancer. David Bridgman is a naturopathic doctor and has a diploma of natural applied nutrition. He runs a health centre on the Gold Coast. He has trained many practitioners all round Australia and seen many people in personal consultations. There are some absolutely wonderful stories about the recoveries people have made by using the information and the practical methods David gave them. He is a vegetarian but says this may not suit everyone He is a helicopter pilot, is a former guitar player in a band, was a commando in the army and he has very senior self-defence skills. He teaches survival skills in everything he does. This is his second time to an Inverell Forum.  

Jeremy Lee - Opinion Polling in QueenslandJeremy Lee really needs no introduction, being a regular speaker at the Inverell Forum. He will be giving a brief outline of the benefits of “polling” and how the results from this can be used in a campaign of “impact voting” which is a method of applying pressure to politicians to represent their constituents. Jeremy has a well known quote; “Parties divide, Issues unite.”  

Malcolm McClure - Constructive use of the tools of direct democracy.  Malcolm is Commonwealth co-ordinator of  V.O.I.C.E. (Voting Organisation for Individual & Collective Empowerment and co-ordinator of UPMART. Stood for the Senate 3/10/99 election on the platform of Interactive Democracy. Drafted the Interactive Democracy Bill 1999. Set about putting into practise Australia's first and only State Wide Citizens Referendum. The result is legally binding upon the parliament. Comes from Melbourne. Has researched, studied and practised law for many years and now uses his knowledge and skills to provide individuals with tools of empowerment. He is a fighter for freedom. This is his first time to an Inverell Forum.

Bruce Amos - Organic and GM crops don't mix! Bruce is a second-generation broad acre farmer from the Moree district. He has farmed conventionally for many years until the early 90’s when he could see the benefits of going organic. This was a difficult situation as chemical spray drift from neighbouring farms was a major problem. Eventually this problem was resolved. When things were progressing nicely, along came the probability of GM crops, a whole new ball game. This is the first time Bruce has spoken at an Inverell Forum.

Eve Hillary - Staying away from the sickness industry. Eve Hillary is based in Sydney .  She a freelance medical writer and research analyst on issues pertaining to the health care industry, environmental health and globalization.  She specializes in documenting the human impact of the politics of multinational industry, including medical and biotech corporations. She covers issues such as emerging epidemics, gene pollution, chemical pollution, government regulators, third world exploitation and the role of the media. This is Eve’s first time to an Inverell Forum. 

Joe Bryant - Who will direct future Governments in Australia? Who will direct future Governments in Australia ? Will it be you or the New World Order?  Learn how to go about finally securing control of government in the hands of the people. Joe has been a regular speaker at the Inverell Forum since 1988 and was last here in 2002.

Andrew MacGregor - New information; update on Port Arthur. Andrew is a former policeman and comes from Victoria . As many of you will know, he has taken a very keen interest in the Port Arthur massacre and is convinced that all is not what it seems. He will give an update on the issue with new information gleaned over the last two years. He, along with Wendy Scurr, last spoke at the Inverell Forum in 2002.Brian McDermott - Quo Vadis  Australia ? And The Energy for the Future. Brian McDermott is a qualified electronics technician, a commercial pilot for over 30 years, sub-artesian driller, general engineer, inventor, and businessman. Brian is now semi retired and has been involved in developing light aircraft and light aircraft engines, in Agrifuture Aviation Pty.Ltd. and some financial consulting and brokering, also giving talks on banks, fractional reserve banking and the financial system. Brian last spoke at the Inverell Forum in 1999.

Toni Hildebrand - It's a politician's dream constituency: a captive audience of people who don't care enough to want the truth. 
Toni Hildebrand deplores the intellectual sloth she sees around her, a lazi­ness that accepts what is served up to it without question, that makes independent opinion an impossibility, that has no vision of a future beyond paying off the mortgage or getting a promotion at work. It's a politician's dream constituency: a captive audience of people who don't care enough to want the truth. Toni's is an unfashionable voice of dissent in her recently published collection of view-points, essays and reviews. The Past is Another Country” is a distillation of thought and opinion informed by study and research. This is Toni’s first time to an Inverell Forum.  

Steve Godfrey - Restoring Queensland’s Independence. The New Queensland Movement (NQM) was founded for one purpose: to restore Queensland ’s independence. Hard won from NSW in 1859, it was voluntarily surrounded in 1901. Why?  NQM believe an independent Queensland will lead to similar movements in WA and NSW. These would ‘cleanse’ each state: politically and otherwise; a total reform of social and economic relations. These movements would reverse the decline of our continent and project a stabilising influence onto an increasingly unstable region and world. This is Steve’s first time on the Inverell Forum platform.

Terry Worthing - Taxes & govt. charges are immoral & unlawful. “You allow your money to be stolen because of your lack of knowledge of money and representative government, neither of which is taught by your masters. You have a fixed belief that you must give all your money to government and banks. You have been deliberately misled.” This is the subject of a short speech by Terry Worthing, his second time to an Inverell Forum.

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