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Speakers – Inverell Forum 2003

Dennis Stevenson
Forum Compere

Mr. Stevenson will once again Compere the weekends activities. This will be his 11th Forum as Compere and  as always will run an efficient program with humour and good will. He is a former  Independent Member of the ACT parliament and has been involved in the anti fluoride issue.  

Senator Len Harris
Effects of Globalism, the International Criminal Court and GATS

We are very fortunate to have Senator Len Harris, One Nation Senator for Queensland at this years Forum. Senator Harris was elected on 2nd July 1999 . He is a participating member of various committees including Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport. He is also President of the Mareeba branch of One Nation. He is outspoken on many important issues affecting the future of this country. This is his first time to an Inverell Forum.

Brett Dawson  
The Evil Deeds of the Ratbag Profession

Brett Dawson is author of “The Evil Deeds of the Ratbag Profession”. He has thirty years experience as a prosecutor, defence lawyer, property lawyer, civil litigation lawyer, law lecturer and professional trainer of law graduates. He will examine the criminal justice system and believes the system cares little about protecting the innocent, but about protecting the rich. In his book he suggests that lawyers and Judges have moulded the criminal justice system to suit the objectives of the legal profession, with scant consideration for the needs of anyone else. This is his first Inverell Forum.

David Bridgman  
Cancer & Heart Disease breakthrough they haven’t told you about

David Bridgman is a naturopathic doctor and has a diploma of natural applied nutrition. He runs a health centre on the Gold Coast. He has trained many practitioners all round Australia and seen many people in personal consultations. There are some absolutely wonderful stories about the recoveries people have made by using the information and the practical methods David gave them. He is a vegetarian but says this may not suit everyone He is a helicopter pilot, is a former guitar player in a band, was a commando in the army and he has very senior self-defence skills. He teaches survival skills in everything he does. This is his second time to an Inverell Forum.

Ian McNiven  
The MAKKA TRIBE’S Struggle for Land Rights Equality

Ian McNiven is a fourth generation Queenslander and believes in a fair go for everybody, irrespective of skin colour.  When the Land Rights movement got going and the High Court invented Native Title, he suspected that it would lead to special rights based on race and skin colour and that those rights would go way beyond what was needed to effect conciliation between black and white Australians.  Armed with the Racial Discrimination Act and the International Convention, he created the Makka Tribe, placed himself at the head of it and started lodging Land Rights Claims.  His presentation will be a brief history of the Makka Tribe’s attempts to board the Land Rights Gravy Train.

Michael Gray  
Ethanol, Energy and Economics

Michael Gray has attended several Inverell Forums and spoken on his favourite subject, the “Debit Tax”. He became involved with the DEBIT TAX COUNCIL AUSTRALIA which focuses on the need for complete tax reform and complete removal of the current out dated, unworkable, complicated taxation system and to inform the Australian people that there are alternatives. This weekend he will be speaking on some new technologies and how these can be put to work via a sensible economic system.

Antonia Feitz  
What’s Fuelling the War in Iraq

Antonia Feitz has previously presented two papers at the Inverell Forum and it is a pleasure to have her back once again. Her subject is the determination of the US to wage war against Iraq . But the rhetoric of ’weapons of mass destruction’ and pre-emptive strikes, boasts about fighting two simultaneous wars and effecting regime changes were made in a private think-tank’s wish-list back in 2000, one year before 9/11!

Janne Peterson  
The Major Enemies of Free Speech

Janne Peterson is the editor of “Good Report” magazine, a professional artist, graphics designer and community radio host. Stood as a candidate for local council and both houses of parliament. Janne will tell us how we can fight the Good fight to preserve Free Speech. While a regular at the Forum with husband Murray, this is her first full presentation.

Bevan O’Regan  
Property Rights-Urban & Rural

Bevan O’Regan has been a regular speaker at the Inverell Forum. He is a Narrabri Shire councillor, former mayor and a broad acre farmer. This year he will be emphasising that Property Rights are yours and yours alone, not to be tampered with at the whim of State Governments. In fact, Local government has the final say on what you can or cannot do on your property after consultation with shire residents. The issue of Property Rights is of major concern at the moment, especially for farmers and small property owners.

Welf Herfurth  
Threat to democracy and free speech in Germany and Europe

Welf Herfurth is a well-known nationalist activist in Sydney . He was recently criticised by the notorious Senator Ron Boswell (who hasn’t!) for his prior link to the German patriot NPD and membership of the One Nation party. He will be speaking this weekend about the history of the NPD and the current constitutional court case to ban the NPD and the threat to democracy and free speech in Germany and Europe . He joined One Nation in 1998 and is currently President of the Riverstone branch and member of the state executive of ON NSW. Welf is the Chairman of the annual Sydney Forum and this will be his first presentation at an Inverell Forum.

Jeremy Lee  
Polling - getting the views of the Electorate

Jeremy Lee really needs no introduction, being a regular speaker at the Inverell Forum. He will be giving a brief outline of the benefits of “polling” and how the results from this can be used in a campaign of “impact voting” which is a method of applying pressure to politicians to represent their constituents. Jeremy has a well known quote; “Parties divide, Issues unite.”

Malcolm McClure
Constructive use of the tools of direct democracy

Malcolm is Commonwealth co-ordinator of  V.O.I.C.E. (Voting Organisation for Individual & Collective Empowerment and co-ordinator of UPMART. Stood for the Senate 3/10/99 election on the platform of Interactive Democracy. Drafted the Interactive Democracy Bill 1999. Set about putting into practise Australia's first and only State Wide Citizens Referendum. The result is legally binding upon the parliament. Comes from Melbourne. Has researched, studied and practised law for many years and now uses his knowledge and skills to provide individuals with tools of empowerment. He is a fighter for freedom. This is his first time to an Inverell Forum.

Bryan Morrow  
A Threat to the Money Power

Bryan is a retired Primary school teacher and has taken a great interest over the years in the power of the existing money system. He will present a different concept which he believes would, if implemented, be fairer to all not just those at the top end of town. This is Bryan ’s first presentation at an Inverell Forum.

…We look forward to seeing you...

Five minute Sessions
There will be numerous “five minute” sessions during the weekend. If you would like to have a say, come prepared. The Compere will call for interested speakers for these sessions on the day.

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