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Speakers Inverell Forum 2005  

Dennis Stevenson: Weekend Compere. This is his 13th Forum as Compere and Dennis will ensure a smooth running weekend with everything running on time! He will also speak AGAINST the latest push to FLUORIDATE town water supplies. BEFORE LEAVING PARLIAMENT, DENNIS WAS A Member OF A GOVERNMENT INQUIRY INTO FLUORIDATION.

Malcolm McClure: Returns by popular demand and will run a 3 hour workshop on Friday afternoon, from   2.00pm to 5.30pm on subjects relating to Common Law such as getting involved in Class Actions and how to exercise your rights.

Eve Hillary: We welcome Eve once again to this this year’s Forum. Eve will be speaking on how the Government is driving Holistic Practitioners out of Practice and your right of choice. The question has to be asked, “why is the Government outlawing Natural Health Aids? Eve will also be involved in the  workshop on Friday afternoon with Malcolm McClure.

Senator Len Harris: We  welcome once again at this years Forum, Senator Len Harris, One Nation Senator for Queensland . Senator Harris was elected on 2nd July 1999 . He is a participating member of various committees including Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport. He is also President of the Mareeba branch of One Nation. This will be the last opportunity to hear Len in his position as a Senator for QLD which concludes mid year. As in the past he will touch on numerous subjects that will be of interest, subjects that you won't hear about from the main stream media. He returns by popular demand.

John Rivett: Has degrees in Commerce and Law. He has been a company director and principle in many businesses in the tourism and property industries. In recent times he has specialised in the venture Capital Industry. He is currently the President of the federal political party, The Great Australians with an aggressive platform of true electoral representation, tax reform and support for Australian Businesses. This is his first Inverell Forum.

Brett Dawson: Last spoke at the 2003 Forum. Author of “The Evil Deeds of the Ratbag Profession” has thirty years experience as a prosecutor, defence lawyer, property lawyer, civil litigation lawyer, law lecturer and professional trainer of law graduates. He will examine the criminal justice system and believes the system cares little about protecting the innocent, but about protecting the rich. In his book he suggests that lawyers and Judges have moulded the criminal justice system to suit the objectives of the legal profession, with scant consideration for the needs of anyone else. Brett’s presentation will centre around the jailing of Pauline Hanson and David Ettridge.

Sandy Stevenson: Our MC says Sandy is probably the worst speaker you'll ever hear. You can't understand anything she says. She's not even funny. How she got invited to speak at Inverell or 15 other countries in the last 10 years is a mystery. It's probably just because she wrote a book on 'Living Life to the Full'!

Peter Taubert: Peter is from South Australia and has been a lecturer for 24 years and an OH&S Officer for United Trades & Labour Council since 1975. Author of "Your Health & Food Additives" linking illness with chemicals, he became interested in the subject when his daughter developed Asthma as a result of chemical exposure. Peter will run through the myriad of harmful chemicals that we are exposed to in our every day lives.

Viv Stott: At last year’s Forum Viv had an extended 5 minute segment which was well received by the audience. He will this year cover the subject of  the historical aspect of the “Western Nations looming crisis”

Jeremy Lee: Probably the best known speaker at the Inverell Forum. Jeremy has been on the speaking circuit for many years, has written and spoken extensively, giving an average of 150 lectures annually. Has spoken across Canada (three separate tours), around New Zealand (thirteen separate tours), through Britain , both northern and southern Ireland , and round Australia too often to count. Despite being regularly stereo-typed in the media, and attacked by all political parties (usually from the safety of parliamentary privilege), Jeremy Lee's material has gained a wider and wider audience, crossing both political and economic divisions. Jeremy will give a run down on the present political situation and what might be in store for us over the next year.

Tony Pitt:  A well known political activist and probably best known for the many news papers he has edited and distributed over the years. Tony is also well known to regular Forum attendees. He will speak on the outcome of the last election and what lessons can be learnt and how we might proceed for the next election. 

Sandy Thorne: Comes from Lightning Ridge and is an author of six best-selling books of outback humour in the 1980’s, including “I’ve Met Some Bloody Wags!” the book she launched on the Midday Show. On a more serious note, her latest book “Behind the Razor Wire”, is the story of her days as a detentions officer at two of the camps for illegal immigrants. This will be the subject of her speech with the latter part devoted to what she enjoys most, and that is humour. This is her first time at an Inverell Forum.   

Bevan O'Regan: Bevan has appeared numerous times on the Forum platform., in fact attended the very first Forum in 1988. He is a farmer and long time Councillor and former Mayor with the Narrabri Shire. He is passionate about the role of Local Council which he says is closest to the people. In his short address he will raise the issue of the State Parliamentary Committee which is in the process of attempting to remove ‘water’ and ‘vegetation’ from land and the problems that will cause for councils not to mention the land owner.

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