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Forum 2009 Program   

Friday 20 March 

Registrations from 12 noon
   2.00 to 5.30pm    Workshop - Mark Pytellek 

  7.00 to 9.30pm     Jeremy Lee

                                        Saturday 21 March

  7.45 to  8.50 am  Registration
  8.50          Welcome, Notices                   
10.30  Morning Tea
  1.00 Lunch
  4.10 Afternoon Tea

  5.50 Close
  7.00          Assembly for those booked in for the dinner for a 7.30 pm start.

Sunday 22 March 

   7.45 to 8.50 am  Registration
  8.50 am  Opening
10.30 Morning Tea
1.00 Lunch
  5.05 Close                    
        Afternoon Tea

Monday 23 March


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Speakers - Forum 2009

Dennis Stevenson - Forum Compere
For the 18th year, Dennis Stevenson was the Forum MC. As always, he ran an efficient, on time forum with humour and good will. A former independent member of the ACT Parliament, Dennis voted with the majority of Canberrans as determined by extensive polling. After two terms, he left to spend more time lecturing and assisting community groups to take direct action. Before leaving Parliament, Dennis was a member of Australia’s major Government inquiry into fluoridation and has lectured throughout Australia and New Zealand on its disastrous effects.

Mark Pytellek
At an early age Mark became aware of the opposing stories about World War 2 and it raised doubts as to the integrity of our government. In 1985 he completed a Bachelor of Agricultural Science degree. In 1999 Mark began a steep learning curve after discovering Investor International. By 2000 he was their leading agent and lectured for 2 years on Asset Protection, Privacy, Tax Minimization, and Wealth Creation. At this time he obtained Edition 1 of the manual – ‘Redemption in Law, the Uniform Commercial Code’. This came via a Barrister friend and led Mark to study the vital knowledge of financing statements and commercial lien. Mark’s workshop presented practical ways to gain justice and become a free person—no longer living in fear.

Jeremy Lee
One of the best known speakers at the Inverell Forum, Jeremy has been on the speaking circuit for three decades, often averaging 150 lectures annually. He has spoken across Canada (three tours), New Zealand (thirteen tours), through Britain including northern and southern Ireland, and round Australia too often to count. Despite being often stereo-typed in the controlled media, and attacked by all political parties (usually from the safety of parliamentary privilege), Jeremy Lee's material has gained a wider and wider audience, crossing both political and economic divisions. The subject of this very appropriate presentation was ‘Mending a mortgaged world’.

Dr Peter Wilkinson
Dr Peter Wilkinson is a scientist by training: BSc and MSc, The University of Western Australia, PhD Bristol University. He started his career in applied research, publishing a number of scientific papers and patents. He moved into corporate planning in a large Australian company, finishing as Business Environment Manager, responsible for short term economic forecasting and identifying long term trends affecting the business. Since retirement he has published a refereed paper on professions and economic advantage. He is the editor of The Independent Australian, a ‘politically incorrect’ bi-monthly magazine which is socially and culturally conservative and conservationist. Peter is the author of The Howard Legacy, the subject of his presentation.
The Independent Australian  is a quarterly 36 page publication, available by subscription ($25.00) from Independent Australian Publications Pty Ltd, PO Box 8, Essendon. VIC  3040

Donna Fisher
onna lives in sunny Queensland where she and her husband run a successful outlet for a national franchise. Donna is involved in promoting her books and together with a dedicated team, chairs the Donna Fisher Silent Fields Inc. through which she offers practical solutions for "cleaning" electricity. While there is a touch of a crusader in Donna, this energetic lady does not invade your privacy but encourages you, albeit with great passion, to examine the issues in the on-going "dirty" electricity debate. Donna is author of Silent Fields which was the topic of her presentation. www.silentfields.com

Ron Heppes
Ron has always been interested in Hydroxy as an alternative fuel and invented his own design for Hydroxy cells. He has run a Land Rover on hydroxy supplement for 4 years now after many experiments to get the design just right.  Ron's adventure in energy use and saving was the topic of his presentation. He had a display board showing how hydrogen is mixed with fuel resulting in better economy. Of course his trusty Land Rover was outside for those interested to see it running. www.fuelbusters.com.au

John Bursill  
John Bursill has worked for 21 years in engineering, including as a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer. He served in the Australian Army (reserve) Infantry for 10 years, finishing up as acting Battalion Operations/Intelligence Sergeant. He has devoted much time to community service.
John was one of the principle organisers of Sydney’s Truth Now Conference in March 2008, which also visited Queensland, to critically examine the events of 9/11 and Australia’s participation in the alleged War on Terror. Themed -  "Did Australia go to war in Iraq and Afghanistan on a false pretext?" the event focused on what really occurred on September 11 and what has been done in the name of September 11 by the Australian government. This was the subject of John’s presentation which included details of the upcoming 9/11 event in November 2009.

Jenny Barlow
Jenny Barlow lives on a property in the North-West Slopes and Plains of NSW. Her family have been on the land for six generations. Currently she is on a mission. Early in 2007 her husband Ross died from complications of the blood cancer ‘Multiple Myeloma.’ Despite losing his battle to live, Jenny still has complete faith in the path they chose. Over the last 30 years Dr John Holt of Western Australia has developed Radiowave Therapy and she looks forward to the day when Radiowave Therapy is recognised as a primary method of treatment, available to all. Jenny is also working towards having the Medicare rebate reinstated. She spoke at the 2008 Inverell Forum and gave an update on her valuable work over the last year. www.radiowavebarlow.com

Betty Moore
Betty is a former Inverell Shire councillor. As a long-time supporter of the Inverell Forum, she chaired the first Forum back in the late 1980’s. As a pensioner she has campaigned for a better deal for aged pensioners, the forgotten people who have been exploited, betrayed and abandoned. She was recently sponsored by 2UE and radio talk-back host Steve Price in conjunction with Channel 7’s Today Tonight to attend the 2008 Canberra 2020 summit as a representative in the health division for rural and remote aged people. Betty believes the aged have been relegated to history. Her presentation was
divided into two sections, the ‘Aged Pensioners Plight’ and ‘The Canberra 2020 Summit.’

Perry Jewell
Perry Jewell's story is the tale of a drug-dependent daughter who strayed into a nightmare world of crime, prostitution and death. It is the story of a father who attempted to redeem his child and who “kidnapped” her from her destructive lifestyle in order to save her life. This was a famous story which hit the Australian media in 1998, when Perry Jewell faced criminal charges of false imprisonment and assault. These charges were later dropped by the Director of Public Prosecutions in NSW after a massive public outcry and the effective refusal of the supposed victim to testify. Perry Jewell asks the right questions; why is it that our society can spend vast sums of money on policing, courts and prisons, but refuses to deal directly with criminals pushing hard the drugs and refuses to assist the victims. Perry’s intriguing book Drugs, Despair, Deliverance, Operation Osterley covering this heart –breaking story is available from PO Box 7799, Toowoomba QLD  4352. Also see www.addictassociation.com

Rob McIntyre
Rob conducts seminars and lectures dedicated to bringing to the Australian public an understanding that “wellness” is a state that can be achieved only when we take responsibility for own health. He returned to this year’s Forum by popular demand.
“Overdo$ed Au$$ies” was the title of Rob’s presentation. He clearly demonstrated that the escalation of sickness, pain and suffering is not all our own fault. Pharmaceutical companies exist and prosper because of our sickness. Is it not obvious that the public are being misled by a corrupted media as we suffer every increasing chronic diseases which we are told, require lots of ‘treatment’!  Big Pharma profits from sick citizens

Sue Maynes
The Queensland Brigalow Corporation was the subject of Sue’s presentation which was an update on last year’s groundbreaking presentation. The High Court decision made in that case means that Land and Property Ownership as we knew it is gone. People need to understand what has happened to their personal rights and land rights, and what has been done to the government institutions that are supposed to protect us. Sue presented the facts and evidence found in Australian law books and in the continually-being-altered and reprinted Constitution of Queensland. The Commonwealth government has been watching this for nine years. In Queensland, this all started with the National Party. The Labour Party quickly enforced all the changes possible under the new controls.  When Peter Beattie removed the Constitution of Queensland in 2001 and replaced it with the New Queensland Constitution, all the politicians in Parliament House passed and applauded the ‘new regime’.

Bevan O’Regan
armer and Narrabri Shire Councillor and former Mayor, Bevan spoke on the Local Government Association’s recent Council of Australian Governments (COAG) meeting in Canberra attended by all shire Mayors and the implications that will come from that meeting, including the proposed recognition of Local Government in the Australian Constitution. Bevan asks the question, “Why will they again try at the 2010 elections for a referendum to constitutionally recognise Local Government in the Commonwealth Constitution?”

Jay Nauss
For the last 150 years or more, there has been a movement that has incorporated humanism/communism/Marxism and every other ‘ism’ known to man. These ideas and philosophies have led Australians to where we are today; the most over-taxed, over-regulated and oppressed people on the face of the earth. Jay discussed this in his presentation, the merits and possibilities of the theocratic state and how down-to-earth Biblical principles and laws can be used to create a better society. Jay does not preach, but believes that the time has come, in the light of people trying every way to solve our problems, without success, to reconsider long established alternatives.

Steve Grey
Steve has a Bsc in Building Technology from Brunel university UK and A levels in Maths, Physics and chemistry. He is an inventor with international patents for a lightweight folding portable structure. For three years he has studied, in his spare time, the history of suppressed "Free Energy systems" and he stumbled across a website www.Cheniere.org that described the military applications of electronics for altering the weather.   He now believes this is occurring around the world on a regular basis and provided examples to evidence his beliefs. He showed what's being done and what the implications are for mankind's future. 

Bo Kaan
A last minute addition to the program, Bo’s presentation dealt with what we see in the sky every day, that is ‘Contrails’ as seen behind high altitude aircraft. However evidence suggests that most of there trails are actually ‘Chemtrails’ and he provided photographic and other evidence during his presentation, “Contrails verses Chemtrails” 

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