For many years now and in stark contrast with its precious gemstones and historic treasures, Inverell has been playing host to an annual event each year that can best be described as highly unique.

Every year in March, people from all over the country converge on this usually peaceful town for a most exciting, interesting and informative three and a half day event.

Targeting at people who are genuinely concerned about why Australia is travelling down its current road to social, political and economic disaster, the "Inverell Forum" attracts a wide cross section of people to say the least.

The venue is the Flanders House Conference Centre next to the RSM Club in Evans Street. The venue is air-conditioned and seats up to 200 people. Attendees can browse through hundreds of difficult-to-find books, tapes and other literature covering a wide range of subjects in our ‘bookshop’ adjoining the Conference Centre.

Some of the speakers over the years include Doctors, Lawyers, Entertainers, Authors, people from the city and people from the country, the rich, the middle class and the poor, all coming together on common ground for a common purpose and most importantly, a common goal.

Former Democrat Senator Paul McLean, Tony Pitt, Peter Archer, Jeanine McRae, Joe Bryant, Dr Archie Kalokerinos, Prof. Mark Cooray, Jeremy Lee, Dennis Stevenson, Dr David Mitchell, Graeme Campbell, Dr Nigel Greenwood, George Turner, Bevan O’Regan, Michael Darby, John Cumming, Denis McCormack, Viera Scheibner, Betty Luks, Ian Murphy, Len Clampett, Scott Balson, Ray Platt, Graham Strachan, Dr. Ziema McDonell, Arthur Tuck and well known night–time radio announcer and author of "The Fine Print", Brian Wilshire are some of the many who have taken pride in gracing the Inverell stage.

Topics discussed have been many and varied with speakers ranging from the conservative, to some of the most controversial people in the country.

As with previous years, The 2010 "Inverell Forum" will promote a warm feeling of friendship and give ordinary people the chance to meet and mix with high profile people on the same level.

More importantly, the Forum will provide people from all walks of life with a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and learn more about a whole range of issues, including much talked about New World Order.

Great food, entertainment and good company will be the order of the night at the Saturday night dinner held at the venue.

The 2010 "Inverell Forum" will boast once again some of the best speakers in the country, addressing a variety of subjects ranging from Australia’s problems and how to solve them, to topics of general interest.

The Forum is professionally Compered and a large provision for audience participation is also included, with the standard question times being complemented by open forum discussion periods.

The Forum gets under way on Friday evening with a keynote speaker followed by two days (Saturday and Sunday starting at 8.45am both days) of speakers on a wide range of topics.  

For those who are able to stay over an extra day, a social/fellowship day has been arranged. This is an informal relaxing day with an opportunity to get to know many of those who have attended the weekend proceedings. A barbecue lunch is provided.

The "Inverell Forum" has emerged as one of the premier events on the Australian Freedom Movement calendar. It has provided many people with some of their most treasured and memorable moments, and this years event promises to be no exception.

Following in the footsteps of such a successful event last year, "Inverell 2010" promises to be one of the biggest and best Forums in the events colourful history.

If you are concerned about the future of Australia and have a desire to learn more in a relaxing, exciting and enjoyable environment, the Inverell Forum is one event that you simply can’t afford to miss!

We hope you can join us.

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